Mpasho ni watu wajinga sana

Check how they refer to listers…refering to K-List without even a link…just gutter press

[SIZE=6]Yvonne Maingey Wears A Short Skirt On National TV That Shows Of Her Thighs Sparking Debate (PHOTO)[/SIZE]
November 6, 2014


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What’s This?

What is appropriate and what is inappropriate when it comes to skirt lengths? Personally, I believe a lady can wear anything she damn well pleases. I was raised by an educated mother who taught me to respect other people’s bodies and property. Also, seeing as I am not a closeted homosexual, I care little for what a lass wears and more for how she looks naked.

That said, I think this debate transcends personal viewpoints. There are no grey areas here. When you are on prime time TV, you cannot afford to dress in a way that attracts negative attention to yourself -unless you want that label to stick.

[SIZE=5]I have been noting with marked interest as the [/SIZE][SIZE=7]petty perverts and intelligent perverts on K-List[/SIZE][SIZE=5] comment on a skirt Yvonne Maingey wore while on Live TV [/SIZE]and I must say that it has sparked my interest in the matter.

But this has very little to do with me and alot more to do with you. What do you think? Was the skirt inappropriate or not? Ino ni gima muno
Uncle Chim Tuna

Kwanza wachujwe hapa.

SHOTS FIRED---- na vile hao uji advertise kwa site ya wenyewe



I don’t understand why people like The.Black.Templar complain about content online. No one forced you to read it and if you hate it so much why did you read it and then go ahead and share what you read here? If you are not the target market then don’t read it.

[SIZE=4]Snitches are Bitches, who get Stitches, and end up in Ditches.[/SIZE]

@This is Gold If they are not “advertising” on your site, mbona mkundu inawasha?

hii kichwakibovu kumbe ndiye huyo hapo kwa picha hahaha

If you are going to refer to any content, kindly put in a link to it.

Otherwise, do you know why people here refer to mpasho and Ghafla as mharo??? If you don’t then let me know and you will be educated

@highschooler Thanks for the support.


@The.Black.Templar Why do you care? Why not set up your own news platform and publish content you care about? I don’t see the point of complaining if it is not your type of content.

What I am saying is that you should, in the least, put a link to where you are getting your content from.

In the past guys on klist have been putting content for everybody only to find it on mpasho ama Ghafla as their own…

O.o sasawa MHARO

Gasia tupu na miharo.