mpango wa kando list..

and the winner is…

Kuna tribes mob kama yangu wameacha. Alafu are they sure about Luo? anyone who knows them well here??

This stereotyping.

true true true

Number two is very much questionable.My kiuk frnds are too stingy even to their wives&kids…how they wld b willing to b just b ‘sufficiently philanthropic’ to just any other woman z questionable.mark u they r not pussy fans.
(No tribal intentions)

Kiuks can only have mpango wa kando if there is no money changing hands period. He can buy you drinks, nyama but not take you to mombasa njungunas na waruku are his joints.


Kyuk men dont bother themselves with pussy too much. I have interacted with them and i havent seen their interest in it. Even when they do they are not choosy and they hit anything they get. Further, they pretty much leave families to do whorever the want and sometimes fend for themselves. Kitambo a kikuyu young man educated up to form four was left to chart his path in life ata akitaka kuwa jambazi akuwe. this attutide led to emmergence of millions of hopeless “hustlers” some of whom would later become Mungiki and its relatives + the famed kiambu girls and the likes. However, there is an gradual change of attitude these days wanajaribu ku-suport their young adults. I cant blame the men though, kikuyu women tend to be these commanders acting and often looking very masculine. kikuyu is a traditionally matriarchal society and partriarchy has recently been learnt from maasai and others so its not very entrenched. I am not being tribal here, but am making honest analysis. Most girls I meet are Kikuyu anyway.

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mpango ya kando Niko nayo, but not with my MONEY. PESA ENDA EQUITY!

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some how true :smiley:

:D:Dsuper glue

@Wakanyama uko wapi watu wenyu wanamalizwa

Just because this shit featured on KTN [or did it?] does not make it gospel truth. Even media houses have an obligation to broadcast facts based on proper collection and analysis of data. Without that, this chieth is as baseless as some shit spewed by driver wa 2NK about kuiba makaa Kambiti.

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