Moving to Canada

Talkers I honestly need to move to Canada and try hustle there .I’ve tried my best in KENYA and things are not working out for me .Business went down and I can’t seem to find a job .It is becoming too much to bear the center can no longer hold .Those willing to help can reply here or DM .

Kuna talker ako uko hopefully he will see your post…


Why Canada?

ask miguna miguna for hints, am sure you will even get a free air ticket

Niaje @LIEN

mukundu, @LIEN ni nani?

Lien ni mcoosh

Poa thanks buda

I checked a bit on job availability and if am not wrong the chances of bagging one are not that bad .However I’ve not restricted myself to there only .

So unafikiri Canada utaingia tuu hivo nywee na uanze job. Kuna kitu inaitwa visa. Ngoja ufike Airport alafu immigration asks u what is your purpose of visiting Canada alafu uanze mablabla… Utapandishwa hio ndege ulikuja nayo kama vile miguna alifanywa…

Make sure you have a skill before going there, otherwise huwezi ingia.

Canada si wagumu vile kama kwa Trump. Although pia si rahisi tena. Wako somewhere in between…

Go to Rwanda

Kuna TV show mimi uona named “border control canada”… Wueh those immigration guys in Canada sio mchezo

And papers are being dished huko na Australia easily. Go brada.

Huko ndio shida inaitana.

You can also give New Zealand a try

What are you talking about ?

Let me check on it , thanks

What’s your education and what level?