motorists complain of bribery

Police officers flag down
vehiccles on a busy highway.
Some of them have been
accused of fleecing motorists
over a 'new Highway Code.
Motorists using the Nakuru-Nairobi
highway have for the past five
months complained that traffic
police officers are making thousands
of shillings daily from innocent
Speaking in Nakuru town, Nancy
Kamau mentioned the Salgaa police
road-block as having been worse at
the vice.
“I am aware that the Highway Code
states that private vehicles and
PSV’s should not exceed the speed
limit of 110 km/h and 80 km/h
respectively. The officers have been
arresting drivers on grounds of
amendments done to the Highway
Code recently that requires private
vehicles not to exceed 100 km/h
limit which most drivers are not
aware of,” she said.
She complained of exaggerations on
the charges and that usually drivers
are compelled to bribe the officers
so that they can be left to go.
Thomas Omondi, a taxi driver in
Nakuru town added that traffic
police officers on the busy highway
have become crooks and making a
lot of money unlawfully from
innocent drivers.
“We have not heard or read of the
amendments done on the Highway
Code that private vehicles should
not exceed 100 km/h speed limit,”
he stated.
He added that he had to part ways
with Sh 10,000 as a bribe since he
was flagged down for driving at 107
km/h on the highway while using his
private car.
“It is unfair and we call on the
national and county governments to
intervene on the matter. Innocent
motorists are being robbed on a
daily basis,” he said.