Motivation, to hustlers

Trevor Noah’s new mansion

Homosexual @Wanaruona huwa amenoki haka kajamaa sana.

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Unaona vile umefanyia njaruo @Swansea ?

Nope I don’t need all that, the cost of maintaining that humongous house is already a liability, I believe in minimalist kind of life, just have a small house with a backyard that you can do your outdoor stuff, the reset of the money blow it away travelling the world or on some weird stuff you like

You are very wise @chap

In his line of work he probably needs a mansion since he hosts huge parties, influntial guests and probably some shows. He also needs it for his image and relevance. …showbiz is cutthroat…you either stand out or executives forget you exist. Now watch him buy the latest Lamborghini and marry a pornstar