Mother's BF kills her 2 daughters and then commits suicide

As I said before after the woman married to a surgeon killed their 2 adult children bcz he divorced her and married a younger woman. Avoid making any human including your kids the purpose of your existence. You will be disappointed. Just ask God how many times a human being let Him down, I bet He’s lost count. Worship God. Don’t worship your husband or your girlfriend or your children. Worship God bcz He’s the Only One perfect enough for such veneration. He is immutable. Numero dos the best revenge is happiness. Nothing gets to someone who betrayed like seeing you thrive, care free and living your best life without them and inspite of what they did to you. Your enemies aim ofcourse under demonic inspiration from hell is to change you from a good and happy person to a bitter, bitchy and heartless depressed person… Do not give them the satisfaction. Park up. Leave quietly with out causing a scene coz that makes them feel more important than they really are. Change your number. Your residence. Go on vacation. Move on with life with out missing a beat. Life is too awesome to waste it sulking on worthless pieces of shit. Why kill innocent kids and yourself over a stupid relationship? With some one who either never cared about you or stopped caring. So many people need your love. Don’t waste it on one pathetic creature. Nobody is worth dying for.