Mother Daughter lesbian relatiinship

Mary and Vertasha Carter are more
than mother and daughter. They
are also lesbian lovers.
“Vertasha and I knew we
were attracted to each other when
she was sixteen,” Mary Carter said.
“But we decided to wait to have
sex until she was eighteen, legally
of age. We are now going public
with our relationship to help
others who might be in gay
mother/daughter relationship
feel confident and okay about
coming out. We want the world to
know we love each other as mother
and daughter andromantically.”
Laws forbid incest mostly because
of inbreeding and the birth defects
that can often come as a
“We’re women, so Vertasha and I
obviously can’t make children,”
Mary Carter said. “It’d be one
thing if her daddy (he’s out of the
picture) got her pregnant and a
baby was born with deformities,
but we’re not hurting anyone.
We’re a new minority and just want
Vertasha is apparently happy with
the relationship as well.
“My mom is still my mom. She
does normal mom stuff: buys me
clothes, pays for food, tells me to
make our bed. We just happen to
enjoy sex with each other too.”

Lesbians and Homosexuals can do their thing as long as they keep it to themselves.I don’t approve of that behaviour, it’s their problems but they should not rub it on other peoples faces.

they want to be accepted apparently…so they came out of tha closet