Mother Calls Her Own Baby Ugly !


uyu alitoa tint akazaa mtoto in default settings :D:D:D

You sleep with Ugly, you get Ugly’s seed and birth Ugly’s babies.

Especially when she’s ugly herself.

She needs a mirror to see herself as well. :D:D:D

All babies are angels

Then you complain why whites have least respect for thyself

Shida za Kunguru kufuata pesa bila kujali looks :D:D:D


One day that baby will watch the video.

You just added a line in her statement. What’s the definition of ugly

But the baby resembles her

and for sure shit gonna be bad esp. if the momma will still be alive…

She should be thankful she isn’t my mother because she would have committed suicide because of my face.

These hoodrats men, ignorant and nasty as hell.

[SIZE=7]poor baby[/SIZE] …our shiny eye ladies should watch this video …

This is the result of low IQ black men not being there to raise their daughters and then you have these kind of hoodrats. The poorest white trash man is a million times better father than the poorest low IQ black man.

No one respects people who seek other peoples validation… Its clear that you are talking about those low IQ black africans who are submisive and docile to jungus, respect yourself and other people will respect you without you seeking out their respect.

You are fu@#d up my friend. You are the one with a low IQ. White trash even rapes their kids- female or male.

Here retardation is an equal opportunity.


Wah!! You should marry one to help you raise your African IQ.