Most visited sites in Kenya

[SIZE=6]The most visited sites in Kenya[/SIZE]
The most visited website is – you guessed it – Google. Kenyans are very curious and yes google according to is also the number 1 most visited website in the world! Second most visited site – you also guessed right – Facebook. That is mainly because Kenyans are social. Another popular site is ; YouTube. It’s official. Kenya is a searching nation!
According to research by iHub, A whopping 99% of the internet traffic in Kenya is done via mobile operators, meaning 3G, Edge or GPRS. It’s to Safaricom’s credit that they moved on this early, not dithering around on data as their competition did, effectively taking the whole market. It notes that mobile access to web includes that on modems since they use mobile phone SIM cards and any other device that runs on SIM cards.
[SIZE=6]What does this mean to online shopping in Kenya?[/SIZE]
To serve the local population, online businesses need to be able to accept mobile payments. Safaricom’s M-Pesa is the dominant mobile payment platform, used for 98.5% of transactions by value1. M-Pesa has become the de facto choice for both customers and businesses. Dukalako is well aware of this and has implemented this mode of payment to make it convenient for customers to transact business in a safe manner.Dukalako has also implemented other ways of payment such as Airtel money, yucash and credit card which is mainly targeting the diaspora market.
A major limitation of mobile payments is that high value items cannot be purchased due to a transaction limit of KSh 70,000, and a daily aggregate limit of Ksh 140,000 for senders. These limits are imposed by the Central Bank of Kenya to reduce money laundering via mobile payments.

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Transaction limit should be increased.everybody will definitely benefit.

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