Most viable biz for 650k

Hello guys, which is the best to start with this,if any?

Probably expand the biz that made the money?

first choice

sasa labda alitime watu usiku kwa daraja na kuwapiga ngeta na kuwatupa overboard.
kazi kama hio hainanga possibilities for expansion.
toa njia ingine

Buy many goats, start milking them. The milk is in high demand especially among the HIV positive.

The goats can be kept in small space and don’t eat as much as cows.

Unaweza expand… Kununua vitu kama M16 zenye zitasaidia kuearn more and quicker

Really son? Don’t you think it’s too much for a @Village Grandpa

The best idea by the way if you don’t have any, is to do what you did to get that 650k again. Otherwise, don’t try. Utalilia Kwa joo

The best business to start should be related to the thing you are most passionate about

This is too cliché. Hio ndio njia rahisi ya kupoteza pesa. Utafanya kitu ukiwa passionate kumbe uko pekee yako kwa hio passion yako. Jamaa afungue kibanda ya chakula ama afanye tuu ile kitu alikuwa anafanya ndio akapata hip pesa.

I find this advice old outdated, and Low IQ especially here in KT. What if he has been saving kidogo kidogo and now wants to start a business?

True…could be he was saving in a Sacco then he took 3x the saving or he got a windfall from a deal.

Even worse coz why save without some end in mind?


Hii kijiji mtanionyesha maneno

Look for place where there is no fiber and talk to liquid telecom to supply you with the bandwidth and start reselling

Mi kitu nimenotice over the years. People who start with capital then start looking for ideas more often than not will fail. Someone who starts off with an idea then sets off to look for capital tends to have a better chance. Especially people who were employed in that industry then decide to venture out on their own, hawa ndio hua na really good chances of success. But an idea alone is worthless, if you don’t have the attitude and aptitude to succeed. This will sound harsh, but some people are better off as employees. Not everyone was built to be a captain in the rough seas.

Fun fact: The overwhelming majority of small businesses collapse within the first 3 years.

You are right actually. But just a simple question, why save, why take all that loan if you don’t know what to do with it? Does it make sense to you?
Halafu after you take it, you come running here for advice? Aaaiiii ndigithia nie!

My cousin has a gaming lounge at K-West that started off as a cyber first. In 2018 she realized children were installing PS One emulators or running browser based games in those Core 2 Duo ex-uk PCs so then decided to setup a spot with an XBox One. Now the cyber is no more. Same space, 3 XBOnes and 2 PS4s all 40" screens. Watching her business progress to what it now is, is inspiring.
I’d advice you to try this route. If I had the capital I would follow suit. This, based on what I’ve seen, is the laziest most profitable business there is. The only recurring expenses are electricity and rent. That’s it.

Kama wewe sasa unapenda nini?? Alafu mtu anapenda lanye anaweza anza biz gani inahusiana na io passion??

Si ukope @Purple

Go to the nearest shopping center, buy two 40ft containers which are customized as shops(8).
Lease land and put them up.
Rent for 3K per shop as you think something big