Most Traumatic Holiday Experience

I suspect that Taita lady and her daughter committed suicide bcz a car cant reverse even on a slope as long as brakes are engaged. That is very traumatic to watch.


What is your most traumatic holiday experience?

Mine: when I went to Mombasa and in my first Likoni ferry experience, a middle-aged woman standing next to me jumped into the sea for suicide, leaving behind two hapless tods standing by me. The image of her buibui spreading in the water like an umbrella and being swallowed in slow motion by the deep blue sea until it vanished traumatizes me to-date. Phewx. Finally I let that out! Can it stop haunting me now like please. It was 22 Dec 1992 and I was only a teen.

Brain is a magnet

It depends on the angle of the slope. And if the slope is slippery.

No cars are packed on the ramp itself so even before you get to the ramp you must reverse coz vehicles are given first priority before pedestrians so you must put your car on reverse to get to the ramp

It’s been years since I got on those ferries.

After that case I vowed not to get on those ferries, you can imagine drowning in shark infested waters