Most of the parents who cannot afford school fees are not genuine.

I have noticed a very worrying trend: when some children perform exemplary well in KCPE, some of their parents come out as hopeless strugglers who cannot afford to pay fees for their children. Obviously, good Samaritans chip in and the kids finally join high school

But I am also aware that some parents(NOT ALL) are just careless and want to capitalise on the generosity of some Kenyans in order for them not to contribute anything to their kids’ education. How do you as a man get money to drink daily from January to December but come the other January you cannot afford school fees?

As I have said, there are parents who seriously cannot afford to educate their kids BUT there are others who must sing ‘ Naomba serikali….’. even though if they put in a little effort they can manage to educate their kids.

So, if you are to assist a kid help only the genuine cases. You know, Kenyans love free things and will love to exploit the generosity of other people. And its not only school fees: before you act as a Good Samaritan, always investigate whether the case is genuine. So many lazy bums are expecting free things in life.

Some of these beggars you see earn more than the average casual labourer in industrial area.

And if you have to contribute anything towards helping a kid with school fees, pay direct to the school. If it’s a children’s home buy foodstuffs and clothes but no cold hard cash.

Well, these parents already had 8 years to know that their kids would join high schools. What were they doing? If you cannot bring up a child, stop siring him/her. It’s high time Kenyans were told the bitter truth: most of poor people are responsible for their own poverty. When, as a young girl in high school, you stand spreading out your legs to anyone and before you are 18 you have two kids, stop blaming the government for your poverty- you brought it yourself. Bring up your own rascals without acting like the society owns you anything. It doesn’t.

Unless Kenyans are told the bitter truth, they will never learn. Poverty is mostly self created. You don’t get 5 kids and you’ve got no talent, papers or inheritance to enable you bring up you kids and then expect poverty won’t be part of you.

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True, some think that because their child has scored well, they are entitled to contributions…cases of parents crying out that their child scored highly yet they won’t be able to go to school because of lack of funds, the parents see this as an injustice.Even if someone gets 500/500 you’re not entitled to any form of sponsorship.

@jameson, you are right. Kenyans seem never to understand the tenets of capitalism. So, once someone is poor he thinks he is entitled to free things. The government can only create environment for poverty to subsidize but not to be dishing out freebies. it’s for this reason i advocate for rapid industrialization so that millions can work in these industries as opposed to ‘free education’ because this only succeeds in creating laziness.
Why should i be taxed heavily in order for the government to educate the kids of that single mother who got the kids through pure harlotry? We aren’t a socialist country and as someone said, socialism is shared misery.

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Why should i be taxed heavily in
order for the government to educate
the kids of that single mother who got
the kids through pure harlotry?.. I thought free primary education was sponsored by the British govt? Kwani weww ni British citizen??

Most Kenyans are not proactive.

British govt.since when?