Most expensive artwork

[ATTACH=full]5370[/ATTACH] Picasso’s Women of Algiers became the most expensive painting to sell at auction on Tuesday, going for $160m (£102.6m) at Christie’s in New York.
The final price of $179.3m (£115m) includes commission of just over 12%.
Artist painters can really get rich easily, but ni talent. That Pablo Picasso guy must have been terrific.

Sioni kitu hapa…:oops:

huu ni wazimu wa wabeberu hiyo picha makes no sense what they buy is the painters name

At most naweza toa thate fae bob.

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Hii ata nipewe free siwes chukua…But Q…What do these guys look for kwa paintings…Ili mtu adecide he can cough such an amount???

Picasso’s works are usually very expensive. There is another one called “Giacon la Pipe” (not sure of exact spelling) that sold for alot of money some years ago. It looks like a sketch. there is also another one that just an erotic pencil-like rough drawing of two people fucking or something with their “things” exposed like sketches people used to draw in urinals and labs of their teachers fuckin each other in high school.

My physics teacher used to say that he excuses us fourth formers and third formers and that he will chooose to believe its the monos and dimonos doing it.

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Hahahaha…u can really play with words to politely diss

I’ve never liked his works. Nimeelezewa but bado naziona zikiwa hapo tu. Kina Da Vinci and Michael Angelo lakini, wah!

People that buy it are wealthy and they want to show off to their associates, friends and family members. You know how westerners praise petty things like wine, fashion, designer accessories paintings, etc

buying it is not for fun. These days people do it for speculation. the garcon a la pipe broke record too some years ago. The artist may not be the best but since paintings cannot be reproduced, they are bound to appreciate with time.

I also wonder what they look for in the paintings. Ama ni sisi hatujui “kuappreciate art”? Maybe it’s the colours, the way the pencil lines curve, flow and touch, maybe it’s just the image…ah sijui. People have stacks of legal tender though.

wah i can put that money to a better use

Hizo pesa ni worth ploti ngapi hapo Kitisuru hivi hivi?

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haha :smiley: :smiley: