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Meet The ‘Basmati’ Babes

In the final part of an expose on how slain thug Samuel Mugo Muvota, built his business empire consisting of real estate properties from proceeds of crime, detectives have unmasked some of the faces behind the dangerous ‘Pishori’ administrators.

The babes who are experts in stupefying revelers at popular drinking spots mainly target middle-aged to older men whom they suspect to have fat bank accounts. Going by the brands of the drinks one has ordered to how one is dressed, one can easily pick out a Mubaba with a good bank balance, from a crowd of revelers.

Most of them have been arrested before but Muvota always came to their aid by approaching the complainants and refunding them back their money.

However, most of these cases often went unreported since the drugged men are mainly married and respectable people in society who wouldn’t wish to let out the skeletons in their cupboards.

With Muvota gone after the bitter fallout with his second in command who is currently at large, the Pishori empire has been left without a leader. Most of the women have left the city in droves to their rural areas, from where they are monitoring how things unfold.

They better get used to life in the village because it will not be business as usual in the city.

Bar owners are equally advised to be on the lookout for suspicious women, out to spike drinks in entertainment spots and report to authorities immediately.
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DCI and judiciary had left this guy roaming for 11 years.

They kill him and try to present themselves as sleuth after the guy has been murdered. Hii yote in two days??

Can’t relate. Watafute warembo if they hope to get me. I don’t care how drunk I am, hawa wamama siwezi angalia hata mara mbili.

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With such a sneer, lazima she knows by Monday atakua asharudi good hope to do the necessary


Most of the women have left the city in droves to their rural areas, from where they are monitoring how things unfold.:D:D:D

Huyu si @patco circa 1970?

No wonder @rexxsimba isn’t posting wild animals


Detectives are now releasing photos and videos of the man shot in Mirema proving he was a thug.

The man who was shot dead in Mirema was a thug who started conning Kenyans in 2011

As the years went by, he graduated into a full-time thug who hired women and deployed them as drinks spiking agents at various high-end entertainment spots

Detectives suspect that one of the women he had employed or an accomplice must have given him into criminals after a deal went sour.

“He once conned a woman KSh 700,000 and when she found out, she collapsed and died,” DCI claimed.

The DCI released incriminating photos and video proving Samuel Mugo was a thug.

He began his trade by hanging around city ATMs and offering to assist customers who had difficulties withdrawing money from their accounts.

He worked with crooked banking officials who would jam the teller machines and once a client inserted the ATM card,

Mugo would approach the client offering to assist and he would then go on to rob them.

Samuel Mugo who had seven wives operated a criminal racket where he employed beautiful and voluptuous women to spike drinks of revelers.

He also drugged men and some were found by their families naked wearing condoms, while inside their cars outside the gates to their homes.


Detectives are looking for one Denis Karani Gachoki, the main suspect behind the daylight murder of Samuel Mugoh Muvota.
The armed and dangerous man is suspected to be in possession of a firearm that was snatched from a stupefied Police officer, after a round of drinks at a popular joint in Mombasa, in November, 2020.
Efforts by detectives to arrest him have been futile since the thug who is well loaded, influences rogue cops who tip him off once an operation for his arrest has been launched.
In one occasion, Gachoki’s accomplice was texted minutes before his arrest, throwing a spanner in the works of a meticulous operation that had taken months to put together.
The detectives based at DCI’s Comms unit have since gathered that Gachoki, recently fell out with his boss Muvota over sharing of proceeds from their Pishori trade, and beautiful women who would first pay with their flesh before being enlisted to the mafia-style organization.
This among other beefs are suspected to have led to a bitter fallout leading to Monday’s daylight murder of Samuel Mugoh Muvota, who has left behind seven grieving widows and countless children.
Forensic Cyber detectives picked Gachoki’s last signal deep inside burnt forest, hours after the murder. We believe that the suspect has already crossed the border to a neighbouring country.
Should you have any information that may lead to the arrest of Gachoki, do not hesitate to contact us on [=AZVFLjq4K2i2Crd-iLMBIM1VTlQsEjCIEKkDde6EyHosUAuJwd4M6_tK0us6rpOStkuO_X7qBVaw8Glri-n93wSXq76HoC3k-Yz0tuPDr0ciAJ_sG20PDV5SH_FpterHq1dDibk-KGK8jHA-DE-i97hiWQzzpW4kPpAILf4Jqjgcgy6tbLGWhqrJkfsiDkPfGWs&tn=*NK-R’]#FichuakwaDCI]('#fichuakwadci - Explore[0) 0800 722 203.

This is not a complete list, wapi the remaining 38?

Yaani murder suspect ameingia mitini literally,.

Huyo Esther Wangari (Pic2) si alikua amemeza JIK mob sana. Lakini hata ukikunywa aje hawa wamama are not beautiful kapsaaa

Eiish! What a sucker punch

pia hujaona vile DCI imechange narrative kabisa from arresting the shooter to the dead man being a thug. shooter ni polisi saa hizi amepewa vacation huko Kapedo till things cool down but lazima amepigwa warning next time apige surveilance kusikuwe na camera

either way i support his killing coz tumekula mchele hii Nairobi and lost valuable . they should kill those women too

That fellow is NOT the shooter …
He is just a “Lee Harvey Oswald” fall guy …

Take another good look at the shooting clip …:D:D

Sijui mambo ya Lee Harvey, but the guy in that wanted poster is definitely not the shooter in the Mirema case.
Na DCI Ruai ni gani? Ama DCI Kayole wamerebrand.

Namba nne kutoka juu ni mama ya @Tauren

Mwenye alimuua looked like a skinny guy.Ama Gachoki lost weight after he was conned by Muvota

The shooter was wedge shaped… he could fit the description. Plus from the camera angle you cant really tell the body set of the perp

The frame of the killer is skinny one,on the picture they have a person who has broad hips