Most Black Americans are racists

They talk shit about everyone they are more brutal among themselves it gives them psychological edge in a game when the opponent gets mad and makes mistakes Muhammed Ali did that all the time. It’s called ragging.

They’ve suffered more. Slavery began in the 1600s while colonialism barely lasted 100 years. We still suffer neo-colonialism, but our former masters influence us from thousands of miles away. These people still live with their former slavers. Even though slavery no longer exists, they’re still discriminated against using the judicial/prison system. The media also goes out of its way to portray them as monsters. That’s why shows such as Cosby were such a big deal because they showed “normal” African Americans.

Anyway, former victims of bullying tend to become bullies themselves. So it’s no wonder former slaves see Africans as “soft targets” they can let out their frustrations on.

All this people who defend the insanity among the Afrcan Americans do more harm than good. If the problem was the oppression then every oppressed group would be as reckless as the African Americans. Why aren’t the native Indians acting up? Why don’t the Irish replicate the violence evdenced amonst AfricanAmericans despite suffering under British rule for the longest time? Why didn’t post-holocaust Jews shoot each other down after leaving what is easily the worst atrocity ever committed? I’ll tell you why.because oppression is not enough reason to be the failure the better part of the African American society has shaped out to be.

If you think oppression is the issue, think about these two facts:

  1. The blacks who actually suffered slavery and Jim crow were not as violent as the idiots seen today. If slavery and oppression are reason enough to be crazy, why weren’t the blacks who were actually oppressed shooting and killing each other at the rates we see today?
  2. The black community has worsened in the same time the civil rights movement made the most gains. The rate of divorce among blacks rose by 70% during the time Martin Luther and company made great strides towards equality.

Im sorry about that. I don’t mean to oversimplify anything. People have always been jerks to others. People have suffered in the hands of others since time began. The African Americans, however, seem to be the only group that’s allowed to create a self-destructive culture and blame the past for it. An African American has it better than an African by large. Their troubles and pains are self-inflicted. Untill this victim mentality is erased and the community takes responsibility for the chaos they cause, they’ll never make it out of the hell-hole.

I look at things academically myself. I have no vested interest in the matter. So I can’t really make judgments on any group of people. So I try to be as open minded about them as I can to get a better understanding bcz to me they are like any other area of study I have interest in. You are kind of biased.

The time frame doesn’t do your argument justice. I don’t think any slave lived through the entirety of the slaving period. The vast majority were born to slaves. Mind you African societies had slaves. Most West African political systems had entire tribes that were slaves by birth. The Bubi tribe was formed by former slaves of Africans. The Benin empire like many other West African empires used to sacrifice their slaves. Why aren’t the Bubi as uptight as African Americans.

Another thing, if slavery wasn’t taught in schools, African AMericans wouldnt know anything about it. Anyone born after the 70s found segregatory laws done away with. But here are millenials shooting each other up and blaming their destructive culture on slavery smh

The narrative ain’t helped any bit by the black Americans themselves

I don’t actually think I’m biased. Point out the bias or any fallacy in anything I’ve put forward. I only make observations. Taking responsibility is the first step towards healing. Just the other day Tutsis were killed in their millions in Rwanda. The greater part of the population lived through the genocide and yet they’re not as violent as African Americans. Or does the slavery of the 18th century affect an African American more than the genocide of the 90s affects the Tutsis that lived through it?

Why then doesn’t the genocide influence the Tutsis in the manner Slavery affects the African Americans? I am honestly open to how you explain the difference. I say it all has to do with a destructive culture that goes untreated.

These people could also suffer from untold effects of eugenics. They were bred like livestock for peak physical performance. You don’t really know how much that affects a specific demographic. It certainly explains how someone like Obama, an outsider really, became president before one of them did, or how African immigrants outperform them in academics.

The problem with your arguments is you compare widely varying phenomenon like colonialism like transatlantic slavery and genocide is though they were the same when they have some very wide variations.

For example let’s look at time frames genocide lasted 100 days. Colonialism in Kenya lasted 68 years. Transatlantic slavery lasted 2 centuries. Now killing people is very different from having them in as your colony and also very different to translocating them to your country after kidnapping them. From how you are arguing you have made up your mind on the matter and are now only seeking confirmation.

If your mind is already made up about anything it’s unlikely that you will learn anything else about it other than what confirms what you know to be true. In research we call that confirmation bias.

Its how MGTOW and red peels cults give their zombies a set of dogma then they keep regurgitating it and looking for anything that confirms their beliefs.

In academic set up you are not allowed to have strong convictions about anything because it hinders your critical thinking and curiosity. If your mind is made up already you won’t listen and learn from anything that could challenge what you believe.

Like sometimes I discuss something with my Professors and they will oppose my point of view for the sake of it, when I state my position forcefully they always tell me a passionate researcher is already a failed researcher, you need a lot of detachment to understand things. If you are too involved or too invested in a narrative you automatically lose objectivity and credibility as an intellectual. I always want to study things I hold strong opinions and they advise me not to because bias is bad. It’s bad for the mind and the understanding.


You’re extremely biased with very little evidence.
Do you know how an elephant is tamed? It’s called elephant crushing , blacks went through that for a hundred years where do you think they took all that pent up anger?

First of all look at Rwanda, in those three months, 1 out of every 7 people died. About half of the entire Tutsi population died. A Tutsi that lived through that (which means every Tutsi above 25 years) lived through hell. The African American today hasn’t lived through any form of oppression remotely close to that!

The reason I point out all these phenomenon is to point out oppression and the impact it has. I understood you to suggest that the oppression suffered by the slaves is responsible for the destructive culture among African Americans today. I have gone through great lengths to show that oppression, even when its worse than slavery, doesn’t result in the chaos evident among African Americans.

I am, however, willing to stay focused on slavery. The African American community has grown more violent and destructive as oppression declined. Consider the trend of black on black violence, black divorce rates, black gang crimes, black graduation rates, etc across the time frame oppression has declined (50s through the 00s). In other words, how do you blame oppression for causing something that increases as oppression decreases?

Pent up anger from where? If it wasn’t in the syllabus, the average African American wouldn’t even know his great great great great grandfather was enslaved. 13% of the population is responsible for half the murders in a country because they have pent up anger from oppression that they read about in textbooks? Mind you this 'pent up angeras you call it only surfaced post Jim Crow. The slaves that lived through slavery (the freed slaves wh had actual anger and suffered the atrocity) weren’t as self destructive as the African American millenials shooting up states like Chicago. My question is why?

Psychologist may differ with you on that. Duration matters. What happened also matters. Also in Rwanda genocide moderate Hutus were also killed and various other intrigues such Hutu massacre by RPF right before the take over. These things need a wide analysis otherwise it will be an oversimplification.

Now can we please stick to one thing. If we are comparing countries hit by genocide let’s compare those. If it’s colonialism the same. If it is transatlantic slavery because there’s also a difference between slavery in ones own country versus translated slavery. We can also talk of modern day slavery like in Mauritania and Yemen among other countries where people own generations of slaves.The duration and number of generations would be an important factor. It’s tough to compare different things and the other slaves in trans Atlantic slavery actually ended up in their emancipated countries like Haiti and Jamaica. Liberia is also a lot of descendants of freed slaves. I think that is the closest we can get.

But its always a cycle. Most town folks in Kenya look down on their agemates living in poor condition in rural areas yet they grew up together.

You’ll notice that you’ve challenged everything but the data and facts. I respect the fact that you understand objectivity is core and you should see me… I dont know why you think I’m overly passionate or have destructive convictions. I’m actually willing to learn. Notice how I keep you the person separate from your argument. I have a problem with your idea not with you. However, you (inadvertently I hope) drag my person into the exchange. You accuse me of bias for having different views, accuse me of lack of objectivity all the while avoding the problems I’ve pointed out n your ideas.

Point out weaknesses in my ideas and Ill point out what I consider wrong in your ideas. We’ll both address the challenges posed to the ideas and at the end of the day we’ll both learn or at least understand each others views better.

Again you are oversimplifying the matter. The gun violence in Chicago isn’t about being trigger happy or even necessarily the anger. It is because these youths are involved in drug wars, turf wars over drug trafficking turfs controlled by gangs.

If you want to discuss about gun violence then delink it from other issues first because all of these are very wide, very distinct topics. We cannot put all of them together. So please decide if it’s gun violence you want to discuss or slavery.

I think its even closer if we consider the African Americans by other African Americans across the ages. f we stick to the oppression of slavery, I suggest we look at how it affects the African Americans today in relation to how it affected African Americans 30 years ago, and 70 years ago.

:eek::Dyou are one ignorant fellow. Take some history lessons and you will see the light

I agree. This was a reply to someone else. They suggested that the violence of the African Americans is resultant of pent up anger caused by slavery. With you I’ve tried to be as focused as I possibly can.