Most Black Americans are racists

when you observe the world you notice that most black residents in developed nations want to be identified with their African side when they are victimized. Thats when you start hearing terms like Black AFRICAN American being thrown around but on the other days they are just Black Americans.
When you ask most of them they think Africa is a country full of poverty and diseases and lions which is just daft. I saw some posts which left me wondering.But now i see from where @patco comes from.

Kuna nigga tulikuwa job grade moja, but he was paid 3 times my salo, alikuja mtaani akashtuka sana, alidhani mimi ndiye Prince of Zamunda, alikuwa anafikiria waafrika huishi Mitini. They look down on us Africans, I felt more at home with Whites than those blacks

When you look back at it you will find that most live on welfare checks but their level of bragging os on another level.

Niggas are worse than rednecks.

Elder mayekeke, I once attended a community college. Went there on a short course and was to be back as soon as I was done. Being too swift then,i was told to go play basketball. That’s where I met nyeuthis. Those boys could talk shit especially criticize Africa. I stopped playing with them and preferred whites who embraced my culture and origin. Even though we always lost when played against nyeuthis, I never lost my pride as an African with the whites like I did with blacks. Some of whites came to visit me 17 years after i was done with college. They came in 2006 I guess.

These people have been through a whole lot cut them some slack. You can’t expect people who have been through what these guys have been through not to have an attitude. I don’t think any immigrants can understand what it’s like to feel like trash from the get go in a land where you are a minority FROM BIRTH. The more I learn about these people the more I wonder how they’re even getting by. It’s just crazy. If you see where they grow up even a slum is better. No shooting each other like you are in a movie. We have it good. Frankly this would be like begrudging a disabled person for being bitter or ignorant or disinterested in anything but their own experience and perspective.We had colonialism for 50 years, we were in our country, we were the majority, we did not relocate.

I never appreciated being African so much till I studied about these guys. I mean it’s terrible. The more I learn the more I am like Kenya is really heaven. There’s a day I was watching Amazing race there was this Black American dad and his daughter team went to Gore, wah the dad like 50 just fell down and started crying, as in sobbing uncontrollably I was like damn. This guy’s have some serious PTSD.

That’s funny coz they love Nigerian music especially Davido. And their kids sing it in Naija accent.

African Americans are in a hell of their own making. They shoot each other down and blame all their troubles on others. The attitude is the result of a misplaced sense of victim-hood. They are not an oppressed minority as you make them out to be, they are responsible for about half of the murders despite being a paltry 13% of the general population. Finally, in no way are the projects worse than African slums. Brooklyn is heaven compared to Kibera!

Moreso black South African,better deal with their boers than the black majority

Give me the gist of it.

I doubt there’s any slum with the level of violence and murder rates in say Chicago projects.To me violence is way worse than the most grinding poverty. And this shooting isn’t just being trigger happy as you put it. It’s a DRUG War. It’s no different than living in a war zone. Like DRC with different militia guarding their turfs. No wonder any one who makes it out marries white people and moves as far away from blacks as they can. If you look at population vs murder rate, it’s worse than warzone standards, how can you expect normal behavior from such an environment from your childhood and your parents childhood. We can look at Lost Boys of Sudan to compare or Liberia. Not you who had never heard a gunshot until you were over 25.

They’re just confused assholes who have no identity. Imagine still having your ancestor’s slave owner’s name long after slavery was supposedly abolished. That person is still suffering serious mental slavery. Btw, an overwhelming majority of Africans who go to the US can’t deal with the attitude these niggers have.

Look for this woman’s work especially on epigenetics post slavery traumatic syndrome. It’s not something I can explain in a few sentences

The Chicago thing is driven by the blacks. Like I said in a hell of their own making. Why aren’t whites shooting each other down in the rates evident among the blacks? Slavery is escapist mentality. South Africans endured apartheid until the 90’s, Jim Crow laws were virtually dead by the 70’s. In Africa, most of us were under full colonization in the 60’s with brutal killings unseen among post-slavery African Americans.

African Americans had it better than Africans under colonial rule. In fact, colonization was dealt a major blow when pictures of atrocities suffered by Africans found their way to the west and people objected to what they saw. Leopold lost the Congo when the west saw what he did to the locals. So, as you can guess from their reactions, what happened in Africa was worse than what happened to African Americans post-slavery

Just a small correction. NOBODY has ever identified themselves as “Black AFRICAN American” It’s either African American OR Black.

Why do we afford them the liberty to be idiots. Why aren’t Africans as uptight despite suffering under the white man for a much longer time than African Americans.

Not really, most akatas are really nice warm welcoming people, of course there are few bad eggs but not all .
Their education system, and they have the worst, teaches them that Africa is one huge jungle, don’t blame them, it’s all Americans who think that way

Large sweeping statements can’t do justice to a phenomenon that took place over a period of 150 years or more. It would not be doing the issue justice. It’s a complete oversimplification to say we had it worse than them because there are too many differences in colonialism here vs slavery there.

Which much longer are you talking about? How long were we colonilised vs how long did slavery last?

In Kenya, colonialism lasted for 68 years. Slavery lasted for the 18th and 19th Century. In colonialism. We were a majority. We were in our country. In the weather we were used to. We were not separated from our families. Transported in crowded ships, shackled in caves like the ones at Gore Island to a place where the food, language, weather and color of every body around us was different. Breed like animals. Colonialism was an invasion of a minority. While trans Atlantic slavery can be equated to aliens abducting different unrelated people likely strangers and take them to their planet. Then change their names, language.

This is a complex phenomenon.