Mosquito Control

WakuMbwa, I learnt in primo that if you clear the bushes around the house and drain all stagnant water, mosquitoes kaput. I am planning to sue my science teacher coz pale kwetu Juja hakuna bushes wala maji. It is a desert. And mosquitoes ni kama zimelipwa kutuvamia. Ata mchana zinakukula.

I have been using that mortein liquid thing you plug to electricity to run all night. Problem is that is is quite expensive (over 2k every month, excluding elect costs) and am not sure if it has any side effects. It works well though, except stima ikipotea. Mosquito nets are just clumsy and unnatural.

So, good people, how do you manage the mosquitoes in your household? Is there any permanent solution to those suckers?

You don’t control mosquitoes, mosquitoes control you.

Enda gugu play u download ile app ya moskito repellant :D:D:D

Any talker that has tried this?


They claim the following

The kit uses programmed ultrasound vibrations to effectively repel the following ; mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, ticks, fleas, safari ants, the common house-hold black ants, houseflies, Beetle, common fly, dragonfly, spiders, rats, lizards, mice.
The cutting edge of our products as compared to other kits in the market.
a) Zero emission of environmental pollutants-environmental friendly.
b) Easy to maintain and use
c) Long lifespan of the kits up to 7 years
d) Odorless
e) Non invasive, non allergens production- guaranteed human safety and health.
f) non refill

Call, text or whatsapp me on 721797906


These ultra sound things/apps DO NOT work. They CANNOT work.


The ugly truth is mosquito can fly 10-20Km to sulk your blood

Tukiwa watoi I remember we had an Electric UV repellant was very effective. the only downside was that it used to emit a blue light hence when you hang it in your room it used to affect your sleep. Something like this

[ATTACH=full]136122[/ATTACH] (Pic from Google)

It attracts them and zaps the insects, from flies to mosquitoes. Around 3K bob. Unaweza ijaribu


naona iko OlX pia


Funga dirisha mapema before 6pm, na ufungue dirisha asubuhi mapema zile ziko ndani zitoke

sisi watu wa muthaiga cant relate to such minor problems…hama tu

I see it in some pubs. Does it really work?

Uko na mseso. Hizo ziko ndani zitakua zimenikula zikashiba, so they will be sound asleep.

For real? basi hizo huwa zimetoka Ruai Sewage.

it does work.

in the morning you find all sorts of bugs plus mosquitoes zapped in them. So you have to remove them

Weka a/c kwa nyumba. Hazipendi baridi

What’s your blood group?

Mimi pia sipendi baridi. Plus my children are allergic to A/C


Hehehe he, lemme guess they munch on you more than the other occupants in the house unless they are O+ too,
Fanya blood transfusion, :D:Dmosquito’s like this blood group a lot.

Ukosi unaacha socks zinanuka kwa nyumba they follow that smell

Mosquito repellant plants?

Eeh kama gani?