Moslem Shame

How many Moslems are ashamed of being Moslem …???

Marzieh was driving in Isfahan, Iran, six years ago, when two men on a motorcycle came close to her car.
One of them threw acid on her face and then they ran away.


Police never caught them, although the street was surveyed by video cameras. There were a few other similar cases in Isfahan, in the same year, and the perpetrators have never been caught. All these horrible acts were directed towards women who were not wearing conservative outfits.

Many Iranians believe that these attacks were made in complicity with different authorities to discourage women from adopting a more liberal way of dressing. But both national and local authorities denied any involvement.

Today Marzieh is trying to raise awareness about these terrible attacks and advocates for the ban of acid sales. Although she cries when she remembers that horrible day , she a powerful woman, who found the strength and courage to overcome the suffering and to fight for her cause every single day, so this would not happen again to other women.

How many Moslems are ashamed of being Moslem …???

If Hamas kidnapped ’ raped and killed your 19-year-old daughter, would you have argued that the War needs to stop for Palestinians to be able to celebrate Ramadan in peace …???

So, here’s my answer.
If she was my daughter, not Ramadan, not Yom Kippur, not Moses resurrected, not GOD speaking to me on Mount Sinai, nothing would have stopped me from making sure Hamas is 100% wiped out.
To the very last member of this sub-human terror group.

How many Moslems are ashamed of being Moslem …???

This is a scene in Garissa University College after the attack by Al-Shabaab. These students were members of Christian Union and they were on their morning devotion when suddenly terrorists break in and start shooting indiscriminately and later start sparing muslims.
They were all shot because they were not Muslims.


The religion of virgins and peace

For a peaceful world all Muslim men should be massacred up like how Hitler finished those world famous shylocking filthy swines

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Muslim is violence

Kuna porno ya acid burnt face ninyonge?

What gets me every time is their “Holier than Thou” attitude …
Every one else is an Infidel in their jaundiced eyes …
The reason I enjoy calling them out at every opportunity …

Ngamia Kabisa …:rage::rage: