moses kuria

This dude has just walked out on Mohamed of citizen tv during the live interview.
What a coward?

Amejam sana… kama angetulia kidogo Hussein angekula jab ya uso :oops:

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Wah, even me I was shocked! That was very immature. Hope Citizen wataiweka kesho kwa YouTube.

But this guy ameaibisha prezzo ya kutosha. Afadhali hata angetoka from another random constituency but sio Gatundu South.

I get the feeling the high and mighty have all abandoned him and he is now desperate and alone. Abebe msalaba wake!


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Heehehehe. Yeah. Those are the losers people elect.

Clearly this time Mutha has bit more than he can chew comfortably

The speed with which he walked out, by now he must be in Kinungi headed for Busia border


I thought he wasnt really elected. Potential opposition was intimidated by you know who. Because you really couldnt stand against his choice.

true brother the anger betrays him…lomg tym former klister…vipi lakini?

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Were those tears on Hussein’s makais?

Sisi tulikua kwa fombe, rink tafasary

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Ngojea citizen news rpt saa nane ya usiku. Though I think it will be on youtube by tomorrow morning.

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Nilishasema this Moses Kuria guy must have missed some stage in life while growing up. Ako na ufala mob sana, Nahurumia watu wa Gatundu south kuongozwa na mtoto mukubwa.


sadly, hawako peke yao

Na Kangundo (Muthama) and other places.

Last kicks of a dieing ass

Kuria had a valid argument, you dont quote a section that suits you. Play the entire video to place things into context!!!alah!!! Its like quoting a verse in the bible without taking the context. hata kwa kcse paper two literature, they give you an excerpt and tell you to explain the context!!! alah!!! People here are arguing based on their surnames!!!


So telling people to cut down other people they disagree with is okay? Why can’t he upload the whole video on a youtube channel if he claims he was misquoted? Shit is shit even if you spray cologne on it, it will still stink.


I’m surprised you bought his argument


Note, i did not defend him or crucify him. but either way, when kalonzo gave that famous “your name betrays you” quote against an innocent journalist “you people” were all over defending kalonzo!!!tell me who is lying to who here. stop covering yourselves with the “mweupe kama pamba” crap, the arguments here are all based on surnames, nothing more.not that i am a kukuyu but i can also be one.

I don’t like that Kuria at all and I think he should have shunned the interview in the first instance instead of embarrassing himself like a drunk! But then, why do these pressmen hold it like it is a religious taboo to walk away from an interview? Even when the same is meant to deride and shame the interviewee?