moses kuria

his party might clinch Nairobi, philip khisia is a well known name in nairobi , in comparison to david waweru hapa kutakuwa na kivumbi

PEP najua ni ya ukimwi, huyo ni non-starter

Farting in the wind

This will not work simply because for Nairobi governor seat, you need to win Eastland’s who represent 40-45% of Nairobi votes. Then other areas are the margins to take your over 50% to win. Also once you have traction in Eastland’s it resonates with the rest of Nairobi. This governors race will be a contest between the best out of the worst candidates out there.

In short you and ruto hope for a pig sty fight? You’re allergic to straight fellows aye?

Since it’s confirmed that Sonko and Waititu will not run (courtesy of EACC advisory), dont you forsee a possibility of them endorsing Kisia. Am assuming they will not have another candidate. Since your ears are closer to Tangatanga big wigs, are they fielding a candidate for Nairobi and who is that likely to be?

Khisia ni nani tena?

Former town clerk. Hii ghasia ilikuwa imekanyaga hawker mbaya mbovu.
Dennis Waweru ni chieth hii bonobo did nothing in dagoreti constituency. He was part of the people who brought mumias down. Huyu ni jambazi sugu. Walipora mumias wakiwa na kadiero.

The winner will come from either the BBI Group or Ruto group. Everybody else is a pipe dream. BBI group because they will puting the money and Ruto group because he is riding on momentum.

I think sonko and ruto will silently back kisia, ukiona the campaign is well monied jua kuna a serious financier.
already odm imejitoa, hapa naona tu ni kisia vs waweru .
ruto vs handshake.


Tanga Tanga and Hustlers team keep their strategies very close to their hearts this days. Others are obvious like DP Uncle Ruto visits to Jubilee HQ to force events and reactions so that he can confidently move on with his plans. Some events are just public trolling the handcheque teams to keep them busy as the main event is undertaken silently.

In Nairobi governors race its mostly now up to Hustlers themselves to look at the lot and pick their leaders. Options have been presented. Hustlers leaders and candidates also want a non partial party leadership to allow them to seek support by themselves and build tickets before the question of endorsement comes. This is what I personally see happening now. DP Uncle Ruto is not rushing to endorse anyone leaving room for candidates and voters to decide then he shows support. Sonko has quit elective posts altogether but he is still keen on grassroots mobilization as he transforms himself into a kingmaker. His mobilization skills and following is second only to DP Uncle Ruto. YT2 must just be bored or also trolling. He made a deal to stay out of jail and handover kiambu even before the impeachment. His case suddenly went slow after. Even his impeachment was not seriously fought. His breaking point was that his wife and daughter were co accused as he used their accounts. He said he would rather settle and go to prison alone than his wife and daughter joining him. Since he left silently, they have had no reason to chase him anymore.

Is Githurai part of Eastlands?

The Nairobi part of Githurai is smaller than any neighbourhood in Eastlands


Kisia ako sawa