Moses Kuria tackles Omunyambi very Khard

Who would have thought barely 2 years after selection we would be having all this political drama!! A few hours ago Murkomen said that we’re on autopilot.

The best part of it is that they can’t blame Raila anymore. So much TOJ.


Kuria does not hold back the guy is a loose cannon.


If you go at Moses Kuria then you’re just begging for it.


Kaende kakisonga. Apana tambua hao madakitare bandia - WSR na huyo kalwale pia

Two footed tackle



He he he he he!

You have reminded eti kuna maslaykwins wa eastlando hutiya alphamel motisha akiwa ndani ndaaaaaani eti, “katambe katambe mbeibi, aki katambe…”

Naweza piga mtu kofi ashangae…

Io tako imeenda off tangent

Responding to MK is like fighting a pig in the mud…you will definitely lose the fight.

Guka kama hauna kitu ya kufanya toka nje upindue aerial tuwatch ball.

Can someone help me. How does Koinange Street come into these arguments?

MK once asked a person who charged that he was drunk whether it was his mother who had supplied him with alcohol. In Kikuyu insulting someone else’s mom is the lowest of the low in insults.

What we always say na wengine wanapinga. Their own son has confirmed the on Koinange street, utapata Malaya wengi ni shinys.

wengi ni shiny, na hao wengine ni madada zako?mbwa hii

Drama after drama

Dada yako ni Malaya ndio unacatch Malaya wakitajwa?