Moses Kuria Doing A Good Job...

His introduction to the public procurement act if passed by parliament will be good news for businessmen, wengi wamelilia kwa choo juu ya payment, I know a guy that’s not been paid 10M for supplies that were done 4 years ago.


4yrs, wamekalia mita kumi ?

Super like. Moses Kuria stars are rising. Any bill that’s is good for business should be supported 100%. This will pass as politicians are also doing business either with county and national government.

Ingetoka mapema lakini hataki kurambishana kwa ma-ofisi.

Someone once told me nikitaka kuwa auctioned nisupply county government. Fuckers don’t pay

Ambia Kuria aongee “vizuri” na both sides of the house…

Never do business with govt using your last coin, utakufa. That latitude of time allows an infestation of brokers who can “speed up” your cheque

most of those “supplies” are just bogus air sold to the govt of ke. the govt should first clamp down on rogue business people who fleece and leech the countries coffers in the name of supplies… hii term ya uhuruto has been the fattest harvest for thieves

naona umedeactivate thread mr brown

I disagree; the suppliers of ‘air’ always have inside parties to facilitate the process. The insiders ensure that the documentation and payment process is fast-tracked so that they can get their cut ASAP. As it currently stands, the bulk of unpaid bills is genuine payments to real suppliers. Na haowakiendea pesa the accountants demand 20% upfront…small businesses can’t hack it so they remain in the shit waiting for payments.

True hustlers never engage county government, you’ll die waiting for your cash.

Napenda sana kwanza the part where the Ombudsman is obligated to commence criminal proceedings against accounting officers who fail to facilitate payment of suppliers, good job MK lakini ile amendment ingine ya Interest Rates Cap ni meffi.

What happened to the coffee and tea processing bill?

Alisema Duale amekanyagia bills zake mob ati hii itabaki hapa Ktalk…

Moses Kuria bill is still in drafting, its a private members bill, it doesn’t need Majority Leader Duale nod to get to the floor of the house. Once its completed Kuria will present it to House Business committee to be scheduled and slot for its first reading. Then after it goes to committee stage to allow public hearings to collect views. Then the third reading in Parliament and vote to pass it. Lastly its sent to State House for signing to become law. Not since the early years Nyayo KANU has any bill been suppressed in Parliament. Not even the motion of no vote of confidence against Nyayo by Orengo.

Meanwhile the Tea bill by Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot is now at committee stage in the Senate. Today they were deliberating it before its passed and sent to Parliament for further deliberation. Its seeks to form Tea Board of Kenya to supervise KTDA. The farmers are at the mercy of KTDA management once they are in office. They give all data, set bonuses, decide factories decisions and operations on their own. Tea Board will now approve decisions, set guidelines, formulate master plan and initiate policy to guide the establishment tea manufacturing plants that will package/brand our tea for direct sales in shops worldwide. Made in Kenya.

Big day for the Tea Bill 2018. Presented the Bill before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for consideration. The Bill now moves on to the Amendment Stage (Second Reading).

The Senate Bill No. 36 provides for the regulation, development and promotion of the tea industry. It envisages for establishment of the Tea Regulatory Authority of Kenya which will regulate, develop and promote the tea industry; co-ordinate the activities of individuals and organizations within the tea industry.

With a tenth of Kenya’s population depending on Tea, this Bill will liberalise the tea sector so as to maximise value for the small holder tea farmer.

A copy of the Bill is available on the Parliament of Kenya website

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot