Moses Kuria Arrested


MK is going to see how hard state machinery can come down on those it doesn’t like. He will get swift justice not because of the assault crime - Gov Obado and Gov Korane are still free - but because he criticises the way Kenya is being led.

What’s up with Kikuyu politicians and women’s underwear?

Shika shiika Fridays return

Raila is obviously behind this.

Wacha awekwe ndani. These politicians think they can trod on people anyhow they wish. I am still surprised that Washiali is still walking free after assaulting a peasant

It depends on the things Washiali has said and done since the assault. If Washiali has been working in Blue Band Industries then he is of no interest to the powers that be.

I said it and am always insisting, any politician walking around with Arror, and not walking around with the lord of poverty jesus of nyanzareth, and castigating openly the BBI, and not supporting openly the BBI…will find it rough.

But our tribulations are short-lived, Arror is about to take over power.

there are so many other parties interested, don’t bet on Raila

Interesting look on matters 2022 politics.

It was a joke.

Arrested over an event that happened one month ago? Manze tunabebwa kifala.
Of course it’s coz alitetea miguna and accused RAO of being behind this…
I can’t believe this…
Yaani RAO is the one calling the shots nowadays? How things change.

I hate ruto but with the stupidity and shitness of the dynasties I will vote him come 2022 wacha tuigie kwa moi era but hawa watu wamezoea kila mtu

RAO just proved moses right…he is calling the shots

Not all of them.

A combi of Uhuru and Raila with Mama Ngina and Moi behind the scenes is v bad for Kenyans.

I find it hard to believe that this incident happened the way they say it happened if it even happened at all. It remained unreported by media for a month and it happened in the capital city inside the office of the biggest media company in Kenya and the victim is an educated journalist.
Hata huyo Matiang’i watabaki na yeye kama vile Moi alibaki na project yake in 2002

Tis much better than thought of Ruto being in charge.

One month is not too long. At least she has gone to the police.

This arangement works well for rao, he is calling the shots but not in the govt officially so any negative baggage goes to the govt