Mortal Kombat X

Nani amegusa hii, naskia iko moto sana…


Nangojea mdownload nikujie na flash

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nacheza Demo kwa PS3.kali sana

if you want to experience the game and others, my pal is organizing this for next week:

Usiniambie huwesiclick…its a facebook link!

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Siwescrick. Weka screenchot

Useless guy. Shika basi… [ATTACH=full]3959[/ATTACH]


Ubaya mimi ni msee wa keyboard

mimi kama proud PC gamer i have played the thing for like 2 hours and saying its maneno bad its an understatement.

what specs do you have on your PC? rendering those graphics must be madness.

my mother board is a MSI Z97 gaming 7
Core I7 - 4790k
MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G
Ram Corsair Vengeance pro 16GB (2*8gb)

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so this is custom built? how are you doing your cooling?

Corsair Hydro series H100i

Wah! Chief hucheki! So hiyo comp huwezi patikana ukicheza mine-sweeper? :smiley:

:D:D that would be an insult to the hardware:D:D

playing with a xbox 360 pad for PC is bliss.

Surely you must have brought the parts from outside? ama you found them locally at some ridiculous prices?

and your display? ama you just connected to a full hd tv?

when it comes to comp accessories i dnt source locally coz either they will be outdated or overpriced. Amazon, Newegg and Ebay are my shopping destinations.

40’’ Sony full HD. Saving up to buy a sony 50’’ 4k @ 150k