I have a colleague who is inquiring on the above mentioned institution, he wants to send his son to enroll and pursue software development.

I’d appreciate some genuine feedback, thank you

I haven’t met a software engineer who claimed that what they learned in school was relevant to their careers. Some even argue that school is a waste of time. Kwa hivo kama ako na interest hata youtube na free course inatosha…

Moringa natambua ni trees pekee…planted 500 of them this week

Expand your radar…stop talking to people with ICDL Certificates

Innovative companies want to see your projects before they can hire you. But inakaa wewe unataka kuona straight As pale strathmore kabla mtu aajiriwe. Sawa.

You missed my point by a mile.

Ngoja uskie @Yunomi akidanganyana vile anajua hio shule na 20k imetosha kama school fees.

How about you restate it? But we both know what you’re going to say next…

@MBOMB still around?

Nope. He nailed it straight on the head. Na hii ujinga ya “missed my point” muachange.

Hey @MBOMB if you could spare some of your precious time to debate me it will help the OP make a good decision.

Ask him what he wants to be between a driver , a mechanic or an engineer of a car

  1. Engineer
    I can design the car from ground up
    repair it and drive it and understand it completely.
  2. Mechanic
    I can repair /upgrade the car and drive it but never create a new car
  3. Driver
    I can only drive the car and cars are becoming self driving and
    anyone can drive a car

Youtube and Udemy(He can pirate old courses)

Moringa saa hii wanafunzwa na collage graduates wenye walikosa kazi

Iam not a software developer or developer of anything but I could recommend a good read :
should make him a developer once he has covered the whole book
Google → web development with assembly it’s 100% free + free shipping to your address of your choosing

I know a boy who deferred uni for 2 years and already making something for himself. I think with software engineering it’s about passion although the college has a good network and prospects for students.

Ujinga ni hio kitu iko katikati ya miguu yako…he missed my point…it’s my point so I know it better than you …piece of sh1t.

After completing my BBIT undergrad, I came to learn of this Bootcamp and I attended it way back in 2014 when it was less popular and hadn’t gained traction as compared to now when Andela and many other similar setups are all over. A few things I noted:
[li]From my experience, Moringa School will not automatically convert someone into a good software engineer in 12-16 weeks, but it will impart one with enough technical skills, best practices, exposure to tools and technical stacks for someone who is INTERESTED to get started. Incremental learning and a culture of self-teaching on the learner’s side is also expected.[/li][LIST=1]
[li]Here lots of learning is purely hands-on including technical projects, slving of algorithmic problems as well as attending mock interviews for software developers[/li][/ol]
[li]Moringa School have a curriculum which is molded based on the market expectations of a typical software engineer, however the curriculum is not exhaustive, neither is it shallow. It’s enough to propel a bootcamp graduate to a very basic entry level opportunity in the development field. A good and fast learner would make it to a junior developer[/li][li]Moringa School will pair you up with potential employers based on your technical skills as part of their alumni relations matrix but the bulk of the work is on you (The learner) to build your software engineering career.[/li][/LIST]
So yeah, 16 weeks is not enough to make a good engineer but there’s quite a lot of concepts that one would learn and not find them in a typical BBIT/Computer Science degree.

Then why dont you answer him? Why you using me as a scape goat?

Thank you, he is a bit apprehensive about the 4 weeks prep but I think this will ease his fears