More woes for mall owners


When they charge a too much for retail space the only thing they will get are the echoes of the shops as the realtors do showing to prospective clients

I always have one basic message to all the Boards and Management Teams I have faced in my short career; Fidelity to the “WHY” or the basic objective of an organization’s existence. You hack that and you are half way to prosperity. Why a Lake Basin authority would decide to sink 4billion in a shopping mall is beyond. It is the same irony as a university building a Unicity kama ile ya KU. Eventually, you get to meet your Waterloo.

I also slap my ugly face and ask myself with much grief, why for heaven’s sake they couldn’t put up massive irrigation schemes to cultivate rice, fruits and vegetables in the lake region with all that cash. Or even use it to eradicate the hyacinth in the lake shores.

Former chairman of Lake Basin Onyango Oloo has a case with EACC on that issue…

Unfortunately, no where to be taken, he has learnt from the masters

Tumia zako

Those boards have forgotten their mandates. i don’t see how kerio valley development… should be developing houses in Nairobi. ata jina yenyewe inawabetray. but it’s nice. let them enslave their own people. let them destroy themselves.
there is no law against people destroying themselves.

doing some basic calc brings the average monthly rent to 136k per shop. unviable especially in this economy. it is senseless.
then again, owning a mall is fashionable. doing something practical like our mkamba friend @ChifuMbitika has said, well, not so much.

Watoto wa mugenda husoma majuu. we cheared her as she did whatever she did with our money and our kids. we said she has broken the glass ceiling

Tenderpreneurs in position of authority are very dangerous,pesa ya haraka haraka,no ROI is done

The love for passive income, you know how intensive agricultural is.

But it employs thousands and feeds the nation

No mercy here.

midro kras is a very big fallacy here in Kenya

hii pia haina biachara

Kumbe una akili. Congratulations.

Someone had to “eat”. This decision, if from the government, was not about returns. Someone had to get that contract. Today in a certain hotel some county government workers sat in a nearby table and I could hear them discuss who would get which contract/tender.

because they’ll sell it very soon for a song as a non perfoming asset and " they" want to turn lake basin authority back to profitability, don’t be surprised if the “buyers” will come from that very board.

Do you know why? They want to make money while asleep. Most don’t want to get involved in the day to day operations of the business. They don’t want to get tired. Which is understandable. They want to rent it out and focus on other things while making ‘easy money’. That’s why most choose to invest this way