More trouble for bunker baby DRUMPF



Venezuela, one of the world’s largest oil producers, has become sooo useless that they can’t even refine enough oil for domestic use? Maajabu.

:DWamefinywa makende na trump…
Rigging equipment zilikufa na hawawezi import ata spares juu ya zsanctions…
Alafu maduro alivuruga agreements za cartels akina ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, Total and ConocoPhillips

Na imagine mafuta liter tatu ilikuwa 20 Bob as juzi as last month

I just finished reading a book on how US colonized some of these oil rich countries by giving them hefty loans to build infrastructure that they can’t afford to pay back. The loans are structured in such a way that most of the money the country makes from the oil sale goes to repay the loan and then reward the oil company too e.g. for each $100 barrel of oil sold, $50 goes to company doing the drilling, $25 goes to the loan repayment leaving only $25 to go towards the GDP.

The agreements are also structured in such a way that the the overseeing company has total control of drilling and oil production so kicking them out is of no use since the local folks can’t run the industry.

It is very similar to what China did with the SGR & Kenya.

The book is available on Amazon - Confessions of an Economic Hitman

mgisu ungeNunua stock drum nne zaa 220L each for the bmw sunny x15

I foresee a situation in the future where a 3rd world war will be fought to reset these trade and global financial imperialism… No wonder the developed western nations are usually do afraid of nuclear tipped missile tests…only their military holds this subjugation together

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D this one killed me, “It is very similar to what China did with the SGR & Kenya.”

You are a funny guy. You should do comedy.

Homo_patco meza dawa aisee

What are sanctions?

Amos Wako has been sanctioned twice!! In what way has that affected his financial success?

During the Nyayo era, the Moi govt was sanctioned a bunch of times for denying Kenyans their rights and clobbering protestors silly, did those sanctions stop you Eddy Mahelo from going to school???

Did those sanctions stop your parents from growing sukuma wiki in their garden???

Cuba has been under sanctions since 1958 yet today they enjoy a GDP of $100 billion.

Cuba is doing better than most of her neighbors. Their citizens are more educated, they enjoy better nutrion and health care. … in fact Kenya is now borrowing doctors from Cuba!!!

How has our not being sanctioned made us better than Cuba?

Poverty is a state of mind and poor leadership.

Kenya has never been under economic sanctions bro. What we were denied during moi era was most of foreign Aid and most loans due to corruption. But our exports were still going to European union and to the USA.
And we were still importing essentials from them.

Some nations can withstand sanctions others cannot. Russia is managing under a great strain… Iran is also struggling.

Zimbabwe really struggled and it was chaos due to economic sanctions.

Great insights @patco. You must read quite widely.

Still smarting from the recent thread, I see. Looking for a comeback, are you now? :D:D:D

Is that right?

Fuckin’ millenials born yesterday, think they know everything. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Don’t bother… the brother-man is just trolling coz it’s clear he has no idea what he’s talking about.

what sanctions ? read them to me?
do you know what are economic sanctions ama unaongea?

banning a few politicians from going to the US is not an economic sanction…

i think he is a troll or just ignorant…

Mbwa wewe, mbwa koko in 1990 Moi was hit with sanctions so he could agree to multiparty democracy. All the donors pulled the plug on foreign aid until Moi agreed to elections. He had said he would the crash the opposition like rats but by 1991 he relented after his govt was starved of cash.

And that was not the first time either.

Funda wewe I have asked you what sanctions are and you can’t even define them?

What are sanctions?