More shit hits the fan for nakumatt

KRA publishes notice of intention to sell Nakumatt’s goods over failure to pay duty.


When it rains, it pours! Karanja, late Nakumatt Internal Auditor warned Atul of how staff collided with suppliers to rip off the Store, but he took alot of time to believe him. In the end, Karanja was killed. That was enough reason for Atul to get to the bottom of the killing but akalenga. Pole kwao but KRA will definitely screw them.

There was a time Nokia, Kodak etal were giants…now they are history. I guess it’s Nakumatt’s turn.

The situation at Nakumatt is all political. Economy sabotage…


When it rains, it pours!

Hapa sijakuelewa, please elaborate

Stop regurgitating chieth

Self-inflicted woes.

I dont pity the mofos. They were too selfish to open the business to the public. Wacha wazame peke yao viloe walikula peke yao.

nakumatt guys kuna kitu hawaambii public na siku moja tutajua tu…

tell us more

Just another numskull who sees politics in everything !

One day the truth shall be known… it is just a matter of time.

I think the rot went further than that. And Atul has been complicit all along, don’t portray him as an innocent victim.

just recently mwau and kabogo have resurfaced

these businessmen know wat they are doing. the business might collapse but ile pesa ya suppliers wako nayo will keep them going for 100 years

Kindly check this link

if you know the truth, why don’t you enlighted us. Did Uhuru steal all the money for elections or what?

There are 3 ways out of this,

1- government bailout.

2- launder money for some drug lord. (me thinks the reason the store is still open, is they are scouting for 1)

3- close shop, and call it a day.

Atul aliona amefika. I have learnt my lesson. If a large business like that can collapse, Good management is important