More nonsense for our southern jiranis - No hospitalization abroad without Magufuli say-so...

ama kitu kama hiyo…

Some jealous CCM guys tired of hearing about Nairobi Hospital

[B]Waziri Ummy Mwalimu ameitaka Hospitali ya Taifa, Muhimbili kutotowa kibali kwa wagonjwa kwenda kutibiwa nje (rufaa) hata kama ni wanasiasa iwapo uwezo wa kuwatibu upo.

Waziri ameyaongea hayo baada ya kupokea msaada wa vifaa tiba vya kufanyia operesheni vyenye thamani ya takribani Dola milioni 650 za kimarekani.[/B]
Ummy Mwalimu (dfhkm)

That country is run by clowns

This are the guys that cheered The Kenyan Cheif Justice as a Hero, and @Grundy couldn’t hold it back.

I know of horror stories in their hospitals. It’s not even their facilities, the doctors aren’t well trained.

I support the move. It will ensure the politicians initiate measures to upgrade their hospitals.

Here in KE, politicians shouldn’t be provided with a medical cover beyond the NHIF.

I often wonder why Tanzania is poorer than Kenya, and they have all the resources:

  1. They are food sufficient.
  2. Their tourism is booming.
  3. They have abundant minerals and other natural resources.
  4. The country is 3 times larger than Kenya
  5. They have a coastline 4 times longer than Kenya’s
  6. The Population is twice that of Kenya’s.
  7. Their land topography is largely flat, suitable for large scale agricultural mechanization and industry building.

This leaves out one thing; The Human Resource.
Their people are uninspiring, ‘Uninnnovative’, Lazy, Suffer from Inferiority complex, are Ignorant and Arrogant.

*These…ION what I like about TZ and Magufuli is that they are making a conscious effort to improve their country which is really commendable. Of course change will not be immediate but over time, they will get better and better and if our government continue stealing public funds and over-investing in white elephants, it’s only a matter of time before our neighbors overtake us.
Have you seen how Magufuli is fighting cartels to liberate the mining sector in Tz from exploitation by foreigners?

Upus. Political and external interference are the biggest issues affecting its prosperity. Same here. We gain nothing by admonishing our neighbors unless we are in competition. And even then it’s more beneficial to collaborate than fight.

Let Mangufuli, give his peoplr a progressive constitution, create as many independent bodies like we do, then we can be at par. Hii ingine ni upussy

lol third world political unstable hell hole, Kenya isn’t anything near first world.

Your billionaires are doing better than their billionaires. What about your kina yahes? How much better is the life of a high school teacher in Mwanza vs that of a Kenyan one in Kitale ?

Come again ?
We were doing better economically even when we had an imperial presidency. He was talking economic development not democratic space. As things stand we’re ahead on both but one isn’t directly attributable to the other.

What is more important to the citizens, is it a progressive constitution like ours that nobody follows and the government uses as an excuse not to fight corruption claiming that their hands are tied or is it real economic progress?

She can Minister to me any time.

Hit the nail on the head

Three times larger than Kenya, nope. It is not. Kenya land area-580,367 km², Tanzania land area-945,087 km²

Hata hio ya TZ population being twice Kenya’s population is inaccurate.