Moody's Rating: Kenya is Junk Bond

Moody has downgraded Kenya’s long-term issuer ratings to Caa1 from B3.:

“we do not expect the government to be able to introduce significant revenue-raising measures in the foreseeable future”


Yani sisi ni junk bond, so borrowing will be at extremely high interest rates and this is a good thing to force jabass to deal with the issues here in Kenya.

We cannot even account for the loans, kila ikiulizwa ni kusema money is fungible so ikiingia consolidated account, haijulikani kule inaenda


Negroes raise billions on behalf of an entire country only to redirect those monies to about 5 or 10 pockets. Unfucking-believable!

Yaani Kenyans have given a few men the permission to borrow and cash out billions without repercussions. Why can’t you guys round these people and kill them?


Huko Naikuru, tuanzie na the kihikas


Watu wa Nakuru county ni washenzi kupindukia. Walitoa mzito Lee ndio waingize wamama hawana akili. Both kîhîî-ka and keroche must go


fuck pahali naona goverment bonds na local banks natoa pesa yangu shit is about to hit the fan

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Ni sura walipigia kura si watu, Watu wa Naks Vegas walidhani kihika angewapea shot moja moja

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Thats the only solution. Watu watano hata wawe kumi, we can get rid of them. Tunapiga mutu mob justice Moja wazimu

No this is not possible @applebee100. The money is mostly in circulation . Do they steal? Yes. But not directly.

Kenya has been in budget deficit from before the first Eurobond. Had that money not been channeled to government to pay bills, payroll, loans,…the country would have collapsed a long time ago. The Eurobond is what saved the country before IMF came in.

The mode of stealing is simple. Implement projects and then get kickbacks. Because they know that direct pays to their accounts from Eurobond can be quickly traced and haunt them 20-30 years from today. Remember Kamlesh???