Kama ulidunga astrazenka, faizer and other concoctions wewe ngojea monkeypox zikulipukie. Ile vidonda itajaa kwa makagare si mchezo.

You predicted this in Feb 2022…show us your ways @Master Gibbs


@Waturedio ulidungwa gani mdau?

Cofid Mdau.
Nangonjea booster.

@Master Gibbs, i see your predictions too:D:D

I correctly predicted here that the COVID virus will mutate into more dangerous variants…
I also predicted new (old) Viruses will appear…

So far , I am on track … :eek:

UK is the most hit, the manufacturer of Astra Zeneca aka chimpanzee adenovirus.

It seems there is a relationship between MONKEYpox & CHIMPANZEE adenovirus aka ASTRA ZENECA.

For that, we will award you the Nobel prize in medicine

Tusafishe mecho mefii.


Truly you are a master chief

My crystal ball foresees great trouble ahead.


Ndio hio hapo highlighted as a side effect of pfizer vaxxine

What track?

Sisi tuko brave and uncastrated

Na wale walidungwa rastazeneca wataendelea bila pox

The problem in here is that there are too many unschooled morons , plain idiots , armchair research “scientists” , rumourmonger’s , soothsayers and naysayers purporting to be the fountain of knowledge on this pandemic …

The plain truth is that the ongoing research and knowledge on viral epidemics is embryonic and there is a distance to go before we fully understand the challenge and mitigation methods …

So …
The frequent misleading snippets of inconclusive primary research findings , theories and misconceptions being regularly published ( … especially by ignorant juveniles …) in here are not helping the situation …

But you can rest assured the We in the Medical and Research Fraternity are spending sleepless nights addressing this monumental challenge and appropriate preventive measures will soon be available …

Keep vigilant and stay healthy … :D:D:D

Ayayaya, neanderthals zinataka kutumaliza na fujo buana. ati 500m doses for africa each year.

Nita kataa hii takataka kama vile nii kataa ile ya wuhan.

[B]"The announcement of the Nairobi vaccine trials cements Kenya as a vaccine research hub. Kenya is not a stranger to efforts for local vaccine production.

Kenya participated in the successful global efforts for a vaccine for Covid-19 in conjunction with the University of Oxford and the Wellcome Trust in the UK.

The American biotechnology giant Moderna said earlier in March it expects to invest about $500 million (Ksh57.5 billion) in the Kenyan vaccines manufacturing facility and supply as many as 500 million doses of mRNA vaccines to the African continent each year."[/B]

I stand vindicated …
But , ultimately , medical science will prevail and overcome all these pandemics …