Mongolia & beyond

Enyewe what I have learnt so far is never to despair in life. I have been in tough situations that I dint know my next move. I remember this day in oct 06 the day I landed in pudong shanghai, I was armed with a one month visa and less than 100$. Little did I know that I had been duped by an agent to go work abroad. I had paid a substantial amount to be hooked up with a job in China, now the guy who was to pick me from the airport never showed up and switched off her phone after I arrived. Bottomline I spent 3 days in the airport without food and sleeping in the benches. I finally got help from a Ghanain who took me to Guangzhou and hooked me up with a job ( zile kazi za kuload mizigo kwa container) I will forever be indebted to that guy. For the two months I stayed with him the guy never even for a day asked for a dime despite feeding and accomodating me a total stranger! I got a better job after the third month and I had to move from Guangzhou to a city called Baoding in Hebei province! At least life started getting better! I had a good salo and great job (English teacher). I used to move jobs at will. In a span of four years I had worked for about 12 schools all around China. Things started going south somewhere mid 2012. By then I was working in a city called Donguan; some Nigerian guy got into a fight with a chinese and the chink guy got stabbed to death. Now this ‘oga’ went missing and there was a massive manhunt in the city… the cops would go door-door rounding up every black guy they came across! I was taken in for questioning and briefly detained for my immigration status until I bribed my way out with about 10k rmb. I fled from Donguan same day and travelled for five days by train to a city called Ulan Hot in inner Mongolia. I had a pending job offer which I started immediately after! Thats where my problems began en masse… from a chinese girlfriend sweeping my apartment clean to regular visits by cops!! My employer started withholding my salary …

To continue later


noma sana, endelea bwana atleast we now have some background info.

pole sana buda…the things men go through haki.


thanks for the Background… i feel for men

All in the name of looking for money. But anyway, a man gotta do what a man has to do.

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you are strong

True definition of kuhustle.

waoh…God always gives us sufficient grace to endure it all…

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All in the name of the word Mwanaume

still following

Tumalizie hio story, I bet we can learn a few survival tactics.
ION I hope you were not using your current handle, might be enough reason ya kunyanyaswa hivyo

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sob**** damn onions

mmmh… hoping u made it thru in one piece… waiting 2 hear more.
btwn who was the agent?

how later is later? ama ni bundles bro?

Heh. Endelea.

maze boss malizia

The nigga malaysiad, labda alishikwa tena

Pole budaaa!

Hii story ni kama nimeisoma mahali…verbatim. Identify the source.

Pole budaaa!