Money Transfer..

kindly recommend an affordable /secure & efficient way of receiving large sums of money from abroad.

EFT, I was once charged 15 dollars to transfer $1200.

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More details please? service/company ?

@Female Perspective unaitwa.

if you bank with equity

You are not informed, meffi advice.

The sender should use wire transfer/swift if the cash is genuine, straight to your bank account.


hajataja if the funds are clean or not so pia wewe cheza chini tujionee

its clean money…

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Kabura gunia services


Vile @webdev amesema hapo, kama chapa ni clean, tell the sender (whatever bank he uses) to wire the money to your bank (whichever bank you use). Yangu ilikuwa bank of africa kenya to a bank in the states
Just provide them with bank and branch codes, hizo tweet your bank wakupatie


:D:D:D:D… bure kabisa!!


bitcoins, and with the recent increase in the price of bitcoins the recipient may actually receive more than the amount sent if they convert to fiat after around one week.

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i beg to differ if tungekua na bitcoins ATM huku it would be viable but since hatuna prices za selling the said btc pale localbitcoins hazikuangi poa vile a loss may occur

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options ni mingi
local bitcoins --------> bank transfer
local bitcoins ------> western union
local bitcoins ------> paypal ---------> equity. But be careful when using paypal and bank transfers, on localbitcoins scammers ni wengi.

Paypal is abused by a lot of buyers particularly on ebay and amazon. The buyer can claim that that it was an unauthorized transaction eti their account was hacked and paypal will reverse the transaction.
On localbitcoins select buyers with +3000 transactions, verified accounts, no negative review, not blocked by any user and its advisable to not transfer large amounts in one transaction. Also do not under any circumstances release the bitcoins before receiving the payment, if its mpesa only release the bitcoins after withdrawing from your mpesa, wakenya wamepeleka ukora wao huko.

The Wave. Maximum Kshs 70k transfer for each single transaction direct to your Mpesa.