Money Taps Have Been Closed!!!! Ni Kunoma Watu Wangu

If you go through the net, you will discover that many kieleweke bloggers are no longer active. Actually, i have seen a number of them claiming that they have taken a break from the internet. You know what? gatheca has closed the money taps. Sijui kwa nini but maybe aliona their work is not effective. Ni kumuoto

I was privileged to meet konyagi this week and I can confirm he is a very reasonable guy. He acknowledge the hitches in government but he is very optimistic about this country. Alisema musifwate fake news kwa social media.

Bado Cambridge Analytica wanafanya kazi.

We in Mt Kenya are 100% behind Uhuru and the handshake, and Baba the 5th.

My cousin, we are better off being ruled by AI.

sasa na mifereji imefungwa bloggers mtatorokea wapi

Katiba ya Kenya inasema rais atatawala kwa vipindi viwili vya miaka mitano na sio zaidi. Nyuma au mbele yake apan tambua

mulikuwa kwa nyumba…
jumba la chiefmbiti, penye amesahau njia na kuweka mabano ya exit na entry?

Mahali tulikutana haijalishi. Nmepitisha ujumbe

We will be here in September 2022, hizi wet dreams zako tutaona mahali utapeleka

Jana nilikuwa Nyeri somewhere along the Nyeri-Nyahururu highway. The reality on the ground is that huko ni UDA all the way.

Hehe… Wewe na nani

This is just a repeat of 2013 and 2017 when your folly landed us where we are today. Okuyu peasants should never be seen anywhere within a 5km radius of a polling station on voting day.

As a okuyu i second that.

100%minus me and all my friends=3%

After 4 years of using a fortune of state funds to attack DP Uncle Ruto they have unwittingly made him religiously strong. The complete opposite of their task. The taps have been closed. Correct.

Its even worse. It started when one group of kikuyu elites stepped up with their own succession plan they proposed to jayden. If in agreement by him then they will chip in to fund it. Another project madvd. One of their recommendations in the list is the revamp of jubilee party after the current interim leadership of tuju, muraithe who already had given their resignation letters to he effected. That would be the end of deep state. Secondly they have proposed a new PS office of the President to replace kibichoo and another to replace matiangi. Both considered to have used ill adviced misadventures that lead public sympathy to galvanized behind Chief Hustler fully in the country. The system of kibichoo and matiangi silence is because they are fighting for their jobs currently. For matiangi the problem was also unwittingly reintroducing the debate of large land ownership in the country. To him it was aimed at DP Uncle Ruto but soon all the large land ownership of Kenyatta family become highlighted again 10 months before an election. Mama ngina was not amused.

Lastly the church led peace talks between UhuRuto made quick progress. Truce called, instructions given and kibichoo bloggers have being defanged. Things like attacking DP Uncle Ruto was really in bad taste. You will not see anyone attacking Kenyatta family. You will suddenly noticed that Chief Hustler has made big rallies in western and Kiambu without the puppet IG police disruption or police overzealousness anymore. This was because of NIS and military. When this stupid system was obsessed with playing games with Karen office GSU officers they dropped the ball to realise the Laikipia conflict was going tribal. They were caught sleeping and preoccupied until Kikuyu’s started crying where is Jayden. Drunk and preoccupied with succession politics off course. He is the boss he can excuse himself but his juniors saw fire. kibichoo and matiangi had to run to KDF for quick response as they send GSU late to the scene. Even their late propaganda attempts by kibichoo bloggers on stories of M16 rifles, Uganda and Eldoret bullet factories etc raised big alarms. Only KDF have M16 in Kenya, Those weapons can’t circulate within Kenya without Military Intel and NIS knowledge. Eldoret bullet factory is top security facility that has never being breached. They were playing a terrible amateurish propaganda that would unwittingly explode on jayden as commander in chief. Their is no deputy commander in chief position. They were warned to shut it all up and get bloggers with brains. A great reversal of positions is ongoing now. Laikipia has being pacified since the mobile response units if KDF showed up but things are changing in Nairobi. super cs, super ps shitty times are soon coming to an end. deep state was already kicked out of state house since by elections failure and they were now in Gigiri. Now even from there its going south as muhoho is shifting away because of too many failures despite a huge amount of money spent. Jayden is becoming more and more inaccessible to them.

Lastly remember in 20th October Mashujaa day is coming up and UhuRuto want at least a working agreement done by then. They will meet the public together then. When was the last time cabinet even met. So many things have delayed because they haven’t met to ratify them. 10 months to elections, legacy projects delayed, need more funding, IMF probing and projects Hayden want beyond his retirement. Heshima inabidi idhumu.

Uko incoherent leo chief

I can’t stand your groveling “DP Uncle Ruto” nonsense. There must be more respectable ways of earning a living than this surely.

Si leo tu. Nigga tries too much to sound relevant and in the know