Money ! Money ! Money! Huyu mzee anakula mali safi jamani...


What are some of the sacrifices he is making , to maintain that lifestyle ?

none. he sacrificed his energy when he was young, he is now eating fruits of his labour. men age like wine

MpakA amefunzwa kuvaa jeans imeraruka ?

mimi naona:D:D:D:D

Parting with hundreds of thousands, anyway let him enjoy in peace

Dim eye kabsa

Pesa kweli ni msuri

@digi twist …
These kungurus were once as dark/black as the guy.


huyu ni nani?
ako pande gani? BBI ama punguza mzigo?

Not really, he doesnt have to, when you are loaded ata kunguru anataka relationship:D:D

Jaluo ya South Africa anakula vizuri but si mzeee he is in his 40s

Kweli pesa ni tamu

Wacha akule utamu while it lasts…

We will console him when they part with his loot and he remains penisless?…:D:D:D

They start the relationship in angelic manner, then “nataka favour” follows

a man should enjoy as much as possible. bora wasikupatie ukedi

Ama copy.

No way. That jaluo must be 60 or thereupon.