Money Heist Nairobi Edition

It seems that the ouster of Sonko was well orchestrated, and the replacement was under very specific instructions, and they had to be effected immediately.
With many government agencies and sources broke, Nairobi is the new base for looting.


Sonko alikuwa anamake draft moves na watu wancheza chess.

This mutura guy is right now the luckiest dude in ze word. Those two months yeye takuwa mbirrionaire.

Kenya-herald? Very believable news.

There is no luck here… it was well planned

And he was lucky to be in that plan mdau.

It was all about money, a broke govt trying to survive by all means.

Oookay… certainly…


… Tunaland soon kplc

halafu mumalizie na KRA

Safaricom je?

Tutasema it was illegally sold ab initio

hawessi…a very short period to plan a clean loot. More so, revenue collection is now under KRA and all key departments are under Badi. County government waliachiwa mifupa.

Elachi angekaa ngumu akuwe gavana saa hii

It was calculated to have her resign first. Everything seems to be fitting perfectly into this puzzle.

She would have been impeached. You cant beat the system.

Twenditwendituu akae ngumu kama Guka Trump. Hakuna kungatuka. Hapo ndio anaweza lijua jiji.

Wakishapitia KPA ndio wataland ii mahali na fujo

Tulisoma na brother ya huyu msee haki. I will call him anitetee nipewe tender hata kama ni ya kusupply hewa.