Money grows on trees, literally, in Ukambani

I was researching on trees for timber and I was told of a "fast growing hardwood that grows naturally in ukambani that takes 8 years to mature. Hardwoods naturally take 100 years to mature.
Ongezea maembe, boabab (mbuyu) na Acacia ujiulize what is wrong with kamba people.

in our lifetime our Kamba Brothers and sisters are going to nail it, ongeza livestock hapo, na mkamba yuko set, one more thing, Ukambani you can harvest maize 3 times in a year.

They probably burn it for charcoal, just a statement, not a fact


Ni miti gani io mdau …

Unaexpect too much kutoka watu wamefwata kalonzo all this years:cool:

People abuse the word “literally” !

anyway Parts of ukamabni can feed a big chunk of Kenya , Ukienda pale Tala you won’t believe the size and price of the produce , giant fruit , giant veggies , unapata mhogo inatoshana na mtoto ! huge pumpkins great price !

@PHARMACY hukunywa supu ya maembe everyday for supper

if only he had a small orange winery

Melia volkensii - African mahogany

The land is not as accessible as you may think to the young and vibrant people who have the ideas. Try talking to a native about land subdivision etc. However, the place is a sleeping giant, in terms of fruit production.

Ushai ishi ukambani?

Sijawai wako na shida gani?

Npee address nkutumaniemaembe na matunda bus. Nilipotumania kina @chap alimea akili

Ukambani is actually a study of contrast. Far from what most Kenyans believe it’s not an arid dry patch. We once went for a week’s hike side za machakos and the place was lush and rainy as hell. Lots of horticulture and coffee farms and I remember this huge meandering river curled around machakos town. Same with tala area

I guess Machakos has a fair climate. The extreme are some parts of Kitui

:D:D:D maembe mbichi ama mbivu?

The fertile areas are very fertile but the arid areas only sisal can grow !