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[ATTACH=full]131016[/ATTACH] I had visited the land of Bongo. Arusha to be precise. I linked up with old acquaintances and they were very hospitable. One of them introduced me to several local notables who were very welcoming. When I inquired about ladies they said they can get me one. I was very nervous about scandals because my trip was work related. They reassured me and promised to get me someone nice and decent.

They gave me the contacts of one of their lady friends. When I called her over weekend she said that she is away on a funeral but offered to get me her friend to keep me company. She sent me the contacts and we got in touch and agreed to meet up. She was a mono of some sorts and very brown. The legs were also plumpish. We had supper and drinks and headed to my room. Since I am a bit plump she asked me" sasa sote vibonge tutafanyaje?".I just laughed nervously as I caressed her.

When we got to the action she was contracting her fundamentals and it gave me great delight. I made sure threshold was attained and we then engaged in small talk before we took a shower together and I then escorted her to get a taxi to her house.

Amakweli I appreciated why @uwesmake likes momos.

1,2,3 wakupate mahali umeiba picha ya wenyewe.

Wacha ningoje

Mbona amevaa stilettos kama porn actor. But on a serious note, threshold kwa mtu ana mapaja(ya??) kubwa hivyo ni ngumu.

Si ngumu msee. Ni technique na size ya mjolo.

pic ya mjolo ikam

@123tokambio verify hii photo

I have relatives over there. Sijui niende this christmas.

You are superlucky. Hotels are also cheaper than Kenya. I got a decent bed and breakfast hotel with Wi-Fi,hot shower,AC etc at ksh 2k. Na breakfast was buffet ya Nguvu.


@WuTang ,Out of town kidogo you can do green mountain in Kijenge area. Iko pia za town pale kwa stand ya mabasi but huko kelele balaa.

swafi masud wachana na huyo wochman mijinga hapo juu anasema umeiba mbicha

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:D:D:D:D:D mbicha ya mjulubeng ikuom

Sida ya small league battalion

Panya hii tumekataa.
Umeosha TV?