There is something utterly wrong somewhere and am very concerned. We may be under siege or we are being fattened for special sea God sacrifice. I am very disturbed. International investigative bodies need to form a common agency to unearth the conspiracy. This has got to be one of the very frustrating phenomena witnessed in recent history along the coastline.
Let me tell you what has been happening. At around 4: 17 am yesterday morning, our tap started hissing. I woke with a start since that very tap has been dry and silent for eons. The hissing lasted almost twenty minutes, as I stood in the kitchen pouring libations in silent lament to Chineke, Amadioha and Eros to make the hiss drip. And as i got down on one knee to beat my breast in the ancient Hebrew supplication to the desert diety, there was heard gravelling from deep within the plumbing, and , as I watched in horror, the tap started dripping water. A few drops, then a drip, a flow, a stream , a jetty, then, heaven help us all, a gush. I flung open the back door and rushed outside to the underground tank, and witnessed a powerful flow almost halfway full. I was trembling in awe as I rushed back in and switched on the TV and quickly scanned the channels for any breaking news of an invasion by Aliens or a presser from NASA reporting that TMT had decided to retire from active politics. Only such events of monumental measure would warrant such an occurrence. None. Then I shifted to Gospel channels for any sign of the rapture. None
I sat there for almost an hour real afraid, and I was shocked back to earth by the sound of my pump kicking in autopilot to transfer to overhead storage.
When daylight came, all the estate gathered around Mutinda s kibanda to try and unravel the mystery. None has a viable explain to the conundrum.
Since then, our taps have been firing by all cylinders. We have filled every available basin, bucket, pail, jug and whatnot. Still, the water flows. We are all a worried lot. We are sure this is the calm before a storm. We are asking all people of good repute and will to hurriedly convine a caucus to SOS. We need urgent help. Hii maji is too much. We are having to explain to our kindergarten kids why water is coming out of faucets and not from a mkokoteni.
Serikari saidia tapasari

Punguza “unga ya crushed fuse”


Safaricon waliachilia maji after TMT expose

@Some Say can’t relate

Osungu yako iko yuu


hahahaha, I cry!

Mikindani naona mmepata maji eh



Hata Mombasa next to the ocean hakuna maji?

Na sisi tunateta juu tunakosa majisiku moja!.let’s hope flow haitastop

Joho might have resolved with Kingi maybe

wewe unaweza kunywa ocean water or cook with it?

You can boil it(distil) and take away the salt!!!

:D:DIn this country we are so used to poor delivery of services and systems that hardly work that when they work or deliver as they were intended to in the first place we don’t believe it. Collectively as a people we have developed a sort of low esteem

that narration is a masterpiece.

Please reasoning kama hii tulia tu nayo kwa akili, you lower the IQ level of this great website

Hapo siri ni kuchotea kila kitu including spoons and immediately refilling any container consumed.

Wont say anything. Dont want to be banned like @aviator. But anyway the water has to be there to be purified-was my intent.