Construction of a Sh445 million modern law courts in Mombasa funded by the World Bank is set to start.

The project stalled six years ago after the plot was grabbed by a Mombasa businessman, resulting in a protracted dispute.

The National Lands Commission (NLC) and the Ministry of Lands have since returned the 1.477-hectare plot to the Judiciary.

On Monday, Mombasa Chief Magistrate Evans Makori told a gathering of lawyers, civil society and members of the public, during launch of this year’s Law Society of Kenya legal Awareness Week, that work has started and the building will be ready within 18 months.

Iko sawa

thats the current one

Mombasa should paint those town buildings and people should stop living and hanging diapers in balconies in the city center and move somewhere else.The roads should be repaired and garbage collected.


Kwanza Old town is one hell of a place… Needs serious revamping.

Haiya.If you have ever been to mombasa.Some people live in mombasa city centre and wash clothes and hang them on balconies including children diapers.

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My first time in Mombasa i was thoroughly disappointed. Having never been to the coast before, all I had were mental pictures of the famous town. Shock on me when I finally landed there. Old ugly buildings, dirty streets, very hot weather . And then, I went there at the time when those young muslim boys would go on a stabbing spree on their way from the mosque; remember the lecturer who was stabbed on the streets? That time.

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True. But I’ve seen them washed and re used somewhere. Poverty ni kitu mbaya sana

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Mtwapa si Mombasa

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