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Mombasa Youth Lose Millions After Employer Dies Mysteriously
Over four hundred youth from the coast region seeking jobs in the Middle East were conned about Ksh 4 million after the recruiting officer died mysteriously.

Addressing a press conference held by the Human Rights and Gender officials on Friday, the youth claimed they paid the agencies between Ksh 30,000 to 50,000.
this guy is somewhere laughing his ass off

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Kenya is full of stupid people. I remember ingine ya kazi za meli where people were conned thousands of shillings in the Mid 2000’s. Same trick kama hiyo tu.

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If you are foolish enough to pay fees BEFORE you even get the job then you deserve to be conned your money. These people will start saying “serikali itusaidie”

Mohammed Omar, a victim whose parents lost Ksh 50,000 in the process, said the recruitment exercise started in September last year, and they were set to travel out of the country on March 10th, 2015.

According to Isha Mohammed, a parent, the suspect behind all this disappeared mysteriously after he was allegedly admitted at a public hospital in Mombasa.

She said, police need to investigate him and expose some of his recruitment illegal activities that have made many Kenyans conned millions of money.

Are they even sure that (s)he died?

Its not only fools who are vulnerable to this cons, anybody can fall victim. We were once conned in almost similar manner. The con was offering very lucrative jobs in Qatar. We received job contracts, signed them and even got our appointment letters. The guy had even come up with fake websites so that every detail you counter-check about his agency or the employer matches what he is saying. We ended up loosing after he pulled off an Houdini on us.
The issue is so many others go to these countries and get well paying jobs using the same procedures. It is almost impossible to know a con until you are conned in this business.


Wacha watu wakule…mtu akiwa mwerevu kunishinda nimpe pesa zangu…without force…na vumilia tu


People are desperate for jobs.
You can understand this it is not about being smart or greedy

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vile @Saka amesema, people wako desperate for greener pastures, got conned twice…

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Tupatie story priss.

Vile @Unicorn amesema

Hata mimi natafuta kazi ingine punda amechoka kulipwa ma rupu rupu.