So villagers last week you remember me asking the best brothels in msa. Anyway I was kinda stressed so I planned an abrupt visit to coast last week on Friday night. After hustle I went back to the crib, showered then proceeded to town.
In town I went and booked a TahMheed coast bus leaving at 11 pm. Thereafter I went to club Terminal 2 and started drinking until10:45 then I left for the bus. Exactly at 11:10 PM the bus left half full to msa. We arrived to msa the following day at 9 AM tho I had been asleep the whole journey. Straight I boarded a mat to Bamburi Mkomani where I booked a guest house for the night. Left my luggage there and headed to Nyali beach.
Jioni I went to the guest house took a shower and went to Club Mint in Bamburi mwisho where I drank until 4 AM as I chippod a Taita lanye. The following day woke up took breakfast and I let her go.
On my way to msa town I took a walk in Hallar Park for about an hour then I headed to msa cbd and boarded a bus. We left at 2 pm for Nairobi. Arrived in town 11:30 pm on sunday night went to the house and slept peacefully.

Villagers sometimes this things help when you’re stressed and want to feel a different vibe. All that cost me around 10K. But who cares YOLO!!![ATTACH=full]261168[/ATTACH]

Good story lakini tunataka picha ya taita hooker


vako!!!..trus story? hongera sana bingwa

Sir, this is the most important part. @syndicate ni connoisseur wa hiyo maeneo. Macho imengara. Give 10k break down and name of lodge

Siku moja holiday ulijaribu

Breakdown ya hizo ndovu 10

I must be different coz "I got Ho’s, Hooooos in different area code, area code.

The only necessary to do is to announce my itinerary.

i once had a “taita whore” (basically a loose woman not a shika-pesa-leta-haga type as i don’t do and never have done such) who confused me sexually for many years. i couldn’t get rid of her. and then i did.

What do you mean confused you sexually?

18 hrs ndani ya bus ndio imenichokesha kwa hii hekaya murwa

inakaa jamaa badala ya kurelax alichoka zaidi

hiyo ni hekaya. let me cook it and i will post it.

Ah manze wacha hizo