Mombasa road

Does anybody know what’s happening? Jam imeanza syokimau all the way to town. :mad:

Kuna trailer mbili zimekongana pale GM.

It’s crazy. Thanks for the information.
Btw: I finished watching breaking bad jana. Noma sana! The part I recall most is when Gustavo was bombed by Walt. Did he have to look smart even in the moment of death? He stepped out of the room, adjusted his tie and then collapsed and died. …:Do_O


welcome to the 21 century

am glad sinanga biashara mombasa road.cant imagine rotting away kwa jam all those hours

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there’s jam? na vile nilitaka kutoka athi river saa hii nikimbilie westie?! will i make by 1:30?

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Ngojea truck zitolewe. Police are clearing the traffic.

The guy managed to adjust his tie even when half of his face had been blown off.

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Is season 6 really coming?

sasa wewe tutakusaidia aje??i thouhgt walter white died??unless he comes back like oliver queen i really doubt it

Hoping so too

We really don’t know if he actually died as the episode ends with him lying on the meth lab floor as the cops approach, but of course he had a gunshot wound…

Kuna spin off inaitwa Better Call Saul.

Its not coming back. Its over! He died on that floor. The creator went on to make other spinoffs like Better Call Saul

watch better call saul

i thought the cancer re-appeared ama i was high on some cheap shit

How do you rate it against “Breaking Bad”?

The first season of Better Call Saul wasnt bad. Im hoping season 2 now gives suspense like Breaking Bad. Its a well written show.

its good too. season 1 just ended and i think they used it to build up the series and give a bit about sauls background. i will start rating it against BB in season two. buts its cool too with high ratings in imdb

Will look out for it. Which other serious series can I watch apart from: rush, empire, tyrant, breaking bad, 24,…?