Sasa maisha itakuwa aje hiyo mtaa hii weekend bila EPL, bila sex, bila beer…

Ongea vizuri i can talk to someone who knows someone who can get you… Beer-16%

Wacha Hizo , amesema pub zifungwe SAA tano

Asali dawa

Lakini hajakataza @shoti_mzito pale Saba-saba…

Flower Girl Sonko amenyamza

Bro si ukunywe tu home,security guaranteed,

Vitu kwa ground ni different… Business as usual

Bila beer, EPL and sex, what are you talking about man. Is sex only available when you go outside. I Think you need to think that over again. Get your girlfriend and if you do not have one then too bad for you. Try to tink about the good things man. The activities meant to happen this yar have not been cancelled. Iam sure that they willl be resumed next year. I heard that some football matches are being played in private and I think that I even watched one such game. Even wrestling is now a private affair with online streaming. In short no fans to shout and watch them fight on the spot. Even with that life is still going on. The world will make it through then you can get back to those things you want to do.

I do not know if the people in here know the difference in the types of threads in this site or we are just being ignorant as we always are. This is a sex and relationships thread and you are talking about epl and beer. I mean that you did mention sex but how exactly does the rest relate to this. There is a coroan thread for those still struggling with it. Either way do not be so worried about getting those three things that the virus has denied you because you will get your chance soon enough. What the government is doing is for the good of all kenyans and if all you can see is boredome then you need to reload your mind.