Mombasa city plan

Will these projects ever become a reality?.

What do you think ?

io sio plan.

Ni kama hizo plans za vision 2030; ni hekaya tu with millions wasted on creating cgi presentations.

Kichwa ngumus wamelete shida huko.

Plan to have them brand new apartment homes has been refused by the residents who want to remain in tired flats some without running water.


It was meant to be vision 3020

Does this plan include

  1. 3 level 5 national hospitals
  2. A research institute
  3. A national university with nautical, processing, building and construction, computer, fisheries, electrical and automation Engineering faculties??
  4. A police academy
  5. School of medicine
    6 school of Economics
  6. 10 new primary schools
  7. Technical collages
  8. Teachers collages
  9. 25 new secondary schools?
  10. School of arts
  11. School of social services
  12. School of law

A city is not buildings, a city is people living in a working metropolitan society
Merry xmas

Your list is just full of schools and colleges. Why not include:

  1. At least one mechanised agricultural farm.
  2. A manufacturing industry
  3. An ICT based firm.
  4. A social hall with recreational facilities

Clean water in every household by year 2000 bado tunangojea…

We are still waiting for water on every household while others are looking forward into creating new settlements in

Number killer in Kenya is consumption of untreated water 40% of Kenyans die due to water contamination, tap water, reservoirs, contamination of the water table due to high levels of heavy metals, hydrocarbon halogens, and polymers.
Contamination of the food cycle due to irrigation of plants with contaminated water, and of course polluted shallow water tables.
SGR might be your saviour now, ma lorry will not be disposing their diesel waste and grease by the road sides.
God knows how many deaths these trucks have caused in a span of 50 years!

Blue economy should be central to the sustainable development of a coastal city.

The ocean is a massive resource, wish this government would be serious about developing the sector. It can easily employ millions in those coastal towns not to mention the value created across supporting industries like transport, packaging, hotels, ICT etc

This looks like they will flatten the entire region including Fort Jesus and start from scratch from a plain open football field. They can dream all they want but this is just nonsense.

Mombasa has Kenyas oldest social halls btw. Mombasa Sports Club was established 1896

There is a lot of empty land in Kenya why cant you guys invest there instead of forcing people to give you their homes

Most are public housing that is rundown.

leave them alone and invest elsewhere. Those people know people in the government only care about the billions they can make from the project