Molotov Cocktails: A call to OUTP against Incitement

The Official NASA Communication Channel has just posted to its members the recipe for making molotov cocktails, to deter police and oust a tyrant as was used during the Egyptian spring. I wont post the hateful and inciteful messages here but invite you to go to their Telegram channel.
I think we should reach out to Nasa supporters and really find out if this is what they want.
This message is coming on the backdrop on his lecture of democtratic freedoms in tje UK. Are we so blind or foolish to let this man douse us with hate and light it with these kind of disgusting messages!
The double speak and incitement can only be challenged by die hard Nasa fans who now see RAO for what he really is; a war mongering selfish man who will set our coubtry back 20 years if he wont get power via mediation since a democratic election will always have him at a disadvantage.

It is not without cause I say RWNBP.

Ati molotov cocktails??? If they do this, then please shoot them on sight.
If this is what it takes for Agwambo to be President, then may he NEVER be President In Jesus’s Name. Amen.

Who is the admin of that group? Anafaa aendee ushauri kwa ule jamaa wa Mombasa Republican Council

Nimecheki hio staff hapo Telegram.

molotov cocktails ni nini?

Luo Revolution.

Trully but at what cost. Thats the game now. Do you want half of 1000ksh or all of 100 bob

Let them bring it on. Good excuse to finally sort this shit out.


Glad they’re resorting to this. The Final Solution to the Babuon Problem coming soon

Luos in this nation will remain marginalised for many years to come for allowing one man to mislead them badly. They have demonstrated that they are ready to go to any desperate lengths both legal and illegal just to get their man raila in power. Unfortunately, they do not realise they have been alienating friends just like raila has done politically for a long time. In politics and life you have to be able to convince others to work with you and not bulldoze your will over others.
Sadly some politicians like kalonzo, weta and madvd have been caught on the wrong side of history. We will never forget the fake server logs read to the world by a fake nasa IT “expert” in an attempt to get power through the back door.
If the Luo nation is to redeem itself, they need to totally do away with raila kind of personality cult politics and support revolutionally leaders like Tuju, Ababu etc


I pity these guys coz of the response they will is clear they want a crisis

Petrol bomb

It’s just like training a child manners. If they scream, cry and roll on the floor in the supermarket does it mean you will buy whatever they want? No. The child will embarrass you for a while but mkifika home kiboko itatembea. Same case here, there is the constitution, it is superior and it cannot be subverted to meet selfish interests. Allow it once, it becomes a norm. Kiboko ni debe. Akitaka kuongoza aombe kura kama watu wengine na akubali uamuzi wa wananchi.

we will miss dim eyes

What do you know about babies?

Enough to know a tantrum should not be rewarded.