I hate molars. Why do they have to be the only teeth to be affected by cavities?
After a dental chekup today, 4 of my molars have cavities that need to be filled specifically second molars on each side of my mouth. I have a phobia for dentists. All dental procedures seem to involve too much pain but it seems it the only choice since am lucky to still have all my 32 teeth still intact unlike my cousin.
She had been having dental problems since she was 14. No matter the amount of dental care she had, her teeth were full of cavities and decay. She decided to pull out all her teeth and now she is having dentures. A bad situation to be in.

Cavity are caused by junk sugary foods. Ban them from your house


Tumia salt achana na toothpaste.

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Sugua meno before uongie bed boss. Ukilala na sugarly foods all night utatii…anyway ukingolewa meno saa hii uko 25…by 35 utakuwa kobogoyo kama @Lord_Wanaruona

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Where is this your cousin located. There is places in this world that she can go and have all her teeth pulled out and a new set installed by implants. For a reasonable price. So many do it. In fact, it’s a good choice for people above 60, to pull everything out, before they start dropping one by one and then you can’t fill them due to bone density loss.

uyu doktor ako sawa

ya hair pia