Moi Girls (kibra) Fire

Several girls hospitalized

Niko na Cuzo huko link?

KTN news live
Matiang’i will issue a statement any minute from now

Waah! I also have a cuzo huko. How true is this ES

Wacha nitafutie other sources, I only trust maraga.


Matiang’i confirms 7 dead

So painful, may their young souls rest in peace.
School has been closed for two weeks

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True, 7 dead, scores injured. Sad turn of events. I commiserate with the families

Waaaah pole kwao

Pole sana. So sad to lose such young people.


Pole to the families :(:frowning:

Jesus Christ!

neighbour ako na mtoto huko…pole to the families

Cause of the fire?


Still unknown

Losing such young souls is very sad indeed.

Lazima damu imwagike-aladwa

If it was somewhere say in kirinyaga the carnival mood that would have been here courtesy of immature battalion

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