Modern Luxurious house- 924 Bel Air Rd -U.S of A

12 BED | 21 BATH | 38,000 SQ.FT

I know some have watched the damn thing year 1880, but for a moment lets appreciate this masterpiece.

924 Bel Air Rd, Located in the confines of ultra-exclusive Bel Air Enclave. The pinnacle of splendor & luxury. 38k sq ft(3530.31sq.m) new construction home +17k sq ft (1579 sq.m) of entertainment decks, 2 master suites, 10 oversized VIP guest suites, 21 luxury bathrooms, 3 gourmet kitchens, 5 bars, massage studio/wellness spa, state-of-the-art fitness center, 85-foot glass tile infinity swimming pool, 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos Theater, 4 lane bowling alley/lounge, auto gallery w/cars worth more than $30mm, 7-person full time staff, over 100 curated art installations, outdoor pop-up theater, 2 fully-stocked champagne/wine cellars, massive candy wall, the most advanced home tech system in the world. Astonishing array of amenities & bespoke items from around the world, 4 meticulously curated levels, indoor/outdoor nirvana enhanced by 270-degree unobstructed views spanning from the mountains all the way to the ocean & the incredible Los Angeles skyline in-between.

If any of the village billionare wakes up with a stomach upset and decides to buy this house, service charge per month will be more than $20M per month.
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Enyewe iko sawa nimekubali. Over to you @rollout

Doesn’t make sense for one person to own all that, capitalism is evil


Hata mimi nashangaa akina nani watakuwa wakijaza hiyo cinema theatre yake
Lakini hapo kwa service charge wametudanganya

Here in Africa, that would be sister ya ndugu ya nyanya ya uncle yangu

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@Female Perspective , rusha application. Utakuwa multi-mbirrionea kupitia mahextras :):slight_smile:

akikunia anakunia mafi nakunia tu hapa kayole akimwaga ndani ya kuma namwaga same tu hapa kayole

iko sawa then unaskia its occupant a rich celebrity died in at due to drug overdose

21 bathrooms you can shit all day like lil wayne but this is Unnecessary luxury

hiyo nimeiona pia…nimeiona kwa mharo site quoting the owner of that house…si wajua vile masonko huwa wanajiskia.

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Who Owns it. …please msinitukane


under developer Bruce Makowsky. He purchased the site in 2013 for a $11 million, according to property records and spent north of $50 million to transform it.
huyu anakukamulia bibi yako life life ukiwa hapo next ukimserve maji ama kummassage mgongo.


Aisee!. …thanks though…unaweza pata threshhold hafikishi!


$250 mil?? you realize that Kenya’s budget at 1990s was somewhere like that?

alafu iyo ni ace of spade nmeona??

India richest man has a house in heart of mumbuai which is 26 storeis high with a price of tag of $ 1billion and 200 employees to boot na hasumbui… That said that house is a stunner.

Instagram models wataflock huko kupiga selfies

Kuna bypass hapo karibu…

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