Modern Irresponsible Kenyan men who want the woman to provide

Marry a black man at your own risk and finances. Very useless. Before uzalie mwanaume you must be sure he’s a provider not a feminine man child who doesn’t know what being a man is, hadi he moves in with a single mother of 4 bcz she is willing to provide. Mwanaume irresponsible is a very bad person. You better stay single ukule Mali yako pole pole, if you want kids adopt or uzae na wazungu to ensure that he doesn’t come back to destabilize your kids. Don’t be an IMF for any man. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. You build yourself acha na wanaume broke who want to misuse you as if you are their mother. Me the first thing I do when I discover a man can’t take care of me financially is that I block everywhere sio kukimbilia kuzalia yeye as if there’s a shortage of sperm donors. If utalelea mwanaume mtoto by yourself at least basi awe mzungu.


Hello ladies we need mature advice from those older ladies in the group…I have a cousin , married with 3kids…the husband ni mlevi and changing women now and then…like a number of them…he also had a woman walichukuana akiwa na 4kids na sasa amemzalisha wawili…azn amemweka…this cousin of mine ni stress day in and out … no peace in the house…they can’t sit down and talk like dinner people because he is not even available in the house na mostly comes home drunk.doing things for the kids inakuwanga kuvurutana always ,yaani lazima asukumwe ndo apatie watoto pesa ya nywele ama nguo and sometimes paying school fees it takes ages Hadi watoto watoto wanafukuzwa shule…my cousin does some hustles but was very much affected by corona so chenye anapata saa hii ni almost nothing…They pushed him during Christmas na akawapea pesa ya fare ya kwenda Christmas juu kwa kina cuzo they had a get together…he gave the 3k which was barely enough juu fare was hiked …now pesa ya kurudi amekataa kabisa kuwapea and threatening them wanaeza fika na awaambie warudi place walikuwa…He is calling his family creating stories vile amekatalia kwao na ata simu she is not picking…home kwa dame hakuna stima so when the fon is off akimpigia na ingine anakata na kueka blacklist…This man is also physically abusive akilewa…What is she supposed to do?

Sorry for what she’s going through it’s tough.
She first has to accept the reality of her current situation then try to figure out what next. It’s a pity that majority of ladies out there spend living a stressful life with narcissistic men in the name of marriage /kids.
She has to gather strength and courage and start recollecting/building herself once again. It’s not the end nor late to start all over. Many ladies have done that & have succeeded. Such type of men will make sure they frustrate a woman till her last breath. They make it even hard for one to be offered assistance because they depict a picture of responsible, respectful, kind & generous guy to the public while he is a monster. Let her not die in the name of marriage/kids due to a narcissist. She needs to be sound & alive for her kids.

kwani mtu lazima aolewe

Lazima arudi kwa io mbwa inamtesa ivo… heri ajitoe apo na atafutie watoi wake if after all the man even refuses to pay fees na kumchapa… ni wa nini huyo sasa… that woman lacks wisdom na hajipendi…
Heri kukaa single

Name "Marriage"will make many women die before their old age so u decide to live with an abusive man for fear of being called a single mother what if the man kills you who will protect your kids and the moment u dies the guy will replace u imediately while still lying in the morgue and the date of the burial your so called hubby he will come with a another lady to witness u being lowerd in the grave who is a looser here? women sometimes use your five senses aaaaargh!

Weeeh maraya are you aware that commenting on your own posts is equivalent to wanking/masturbation?

Huyu ni wanker. Kwanza broke Malaya who can never
support or provide for a man, commenting on her own posts.